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“After You” #sol16

Isabelle and her friend, Y, were born 15 days apart. Last year, they were in the same preschool class three days a week. This year, they’re together five days a week. Next year will be more of the same when they go to Kindergarten. They may not be best friends, but they get along nicely.

One of the many times I noticed Y insisting that Isabelle go ahead of him.
One of the many times I noticed Y insisting that Isabelle go ahead of him.

Today was the final day of Isabelle’s spring break so Y’s mom and I decided to take the kids to Sky Zone and for lunch at Wegman’s. Y’s mom and I were sitting on the floor while the kids were taking turns jumping into the foam pit. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something lovely happening. Y motioned his arm out to the side and said “after you” to Isabelle. I don’t know who should’ve been first on the line, but he insisted she go ahead of him. I motioned to Y’s mom who noticed too. As a result, we complimented him on his manners.

But it didn’t end there. I noticed Y gesture to Isabelle to go ahead of him a few more times. However, she didn’t always take the spot ahead of him in line. Sometimes, she let him go first!

So often we catch kids doing the wrong thing. Today, I caught these two five-year-olds taking turns and using their manners so beautifully. It made my heart smile.


21 thoughts on ““After You” #sol16

  1. That’s awesome when that happens. I love the gentlemanly vibe that started this off but then she took the lead as did it too, a girl after my own heart. Manners were paramount in my house growing up, still are now. That you complimented them, that’s how they’ll continue on with it.

  2. Nice to hear a lovely story after all the easter egg hunt horror stories that are in the media. Thank you for taking the time to notice, name and share this with all of us. I too am smiling!

  3. So sweet. And I agree, they must have excellent models. It’s so much better to pay attention to the good.

  4. Love that you were engaged in parenting and were able to “catch” your children being kind. I believe we get more of what we notice. I’ve noticed preschoolers using beautifully kind and helpful actions in the past, but the important people in their life fail to notice and comment sending those kind, helpful actions away. Your two little ones had a wonderful day physically, socially, and emotionally. A win-win-win!

  5. What a sweet story! Years from now, that will be a treasured memory of a friendship between little ones. It’s not only wonderful to see children being so kind to each other, but they obviously were delighted with that little interaction as it continued. I’m glad you shared this–it made my day as well.

  6. Yea!!! I love when kids treat each other politely and with kindness! Too often we see the opposite! Kudos to Isabelle and her friend and to the mommies too!

  7. I truly believe the adage, “We see what we look for”, but it is nice to see something so pure and kind when you weren’t even looking for it. What a delightful slice! Here’s to seeing more kindness in their world and yours!

  8. It makes the heart sing to ‘catch’ kids doing positive things. I used to make a point of this when walking the school yard in my Principal days. To be able to acknowledge such actions brought a smile to both parties, Observations of this kind are critically important. -Firstly to notice them and secondly to share them. You have done great work here Stacey. You have reminded all of us how important it is to notice those small moments when uplifting interactions take place.

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