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Wake-up with a Kiss

The brush of lips against my hand. That’s what woke me up this morning. As I came-to I realized I hadn’t moved since I fell asleep a little before 11. Still in my back. Pillows under my knees just as perfectly as they had been at night. I can go back to sleep.

I checked my bedside clock to see how much longer I could sleep. When I rolled onto my left side I saw more than red digits staring back at me. I saw the kisser too.

“Hi Mommy!”

“Oh my G-d, Izzy!” I noticed the clock. “It’s not even 5 a.m.! You can’t keep waking us up this early.”

My husband, who I initially thought kissed my hand, rolled out of bed and escorted Isabelle back to her room so we could both sleep for a little bit longer.
———-Two hours later.———-

I’m wide-awake and Isabelle waltzes into our bedroom at her proper wake-up time. 


Such a proud little reader.  A proud little reader who will need a nap this afternoon.

21 thoughts on “Wake-up with a Kiss

  1. We were woken up early this morning, too by a sweet little one! When did you introduce the red/green light? Our tot is great at following rules but is a very early riser.

    1. While she was still in her crib! We bought the “It’s okay to wake” clock so she wouldn’t yell and cry in the mornings. Overall it has been pretty effective. However, she had grandparents here the last two weekends so she’s recalibrating and learning how to follow the 7:05 am green light rule again.

  2. What a lovely way to wake up, even it it was a bit early. Isabelle knows how to use quintet time effectively. How wonder. My nephew and his wife just had their first child. I will need to let them know about the wake up clock. I am sure it will come in handy in the future.

  3. Ahh how I wish we had a 7:05am rule. That 5 o’clock good morning still makes me say “Oh my G-d! Are you crazy?” But those little kisses are so precious and having readers in the house is a kind of miracle, isn’t it?

  4. A perfect way to start the day . . . even if it was still “night time” I guess sometimes internal clocks get a bit confused!

  5. A stack of books when you can’t sleep, perfect. We used to tell our kids they couldn’t get up until the birds starting singing. Summer was always an early start! She is such a cutie gently kissing your hand, this tells a lot about her loving gentle nature. Gorgeous. 🙂

  6. It can be heartbreaking when they wake up early. haha. But I love how into reading she is! I hope my Amelia loves reading that much.

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