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Celebrating a Milestone

Six Months. It took six months of hand-over-hand and verbal cues. It took six months of Handi-writers, foam, and cotton balls tucked under her pinkie fingers. It took six intensive months (really 12 months, but only six were intensive) of practice with occupational therapists.  It took six months of me reminding, nagging, and begging.  It took six months for Isabelle to use a tripod grasp to hold a writing utensil. And as of today, she’s been using a “big girl grip” for a week straight! Her OT let her pick a prize, which was a very exciting way to celebrate this accomplishment.  😃

Isabelle played with her reward after eating some pizza for lunch.


15 thoughts on “Celebrating a Milestone

  1. Wow! That was a lot of perseverance on everyone’s part. I’m sure there were moments of frustration along the way, but how nice to pause and celebrate together.

  2. Exciting news. Congratulations! You may let Isabelle know that even from a far away country I admire that she has followed the instructions, practiced and not given up.

  3. Hurray for Isabelle! She is one strong girl!! All of her experiences, difficulties, and successes can only lead to big achievements as she grows. I think you should have gotten a prize, too!

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