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10 Things Right Now

I figured I’d use the post I wrote yesterday about oral storytelling with Isabelle as my slice of life story for this week’s Slice of Life Story Challenge.  But then I came across Mandy Robek’s 10 Things Right Now List that she was inspired to write after reading Ali Edwards’ list.  Since this is a blog about raising a literate human, I decided to write the list to Isabelle, which is what Ali did for her daughter Anna, rather than about her.

  1. BONUS "Thing" -- You like to say "sihdde (silly) mommy" every time I do something that makes you laugh or when I forget to do something.
    BONUS “Thing” — You like to say “sihdde (silly) mommy” every time I do something that makes you laugh or when I forget to do something.

    You are two, or as you like to tell people “ree (three) soon.”

  2. You enjoy greeting people when we’re out and about. Just yesterday you said “Hi gurl (girl),” “Hi buhee (boy),” and “Hi baby” to nearly every kid we passed while you sat in the cart as I wheeled you around the grocery store.
  3. You’re interested in cooking — just like me. You help Ms. Jackie make oatmeal from scratch at school. Sometimes we do the same thing at home. You also like dumping ingredients into bowls and mixing with a spoon.  You do all of this while standing on a chair, which makes me more than a little bit nervous.
  4. You’re tall enough to reach the light switches and like to turn off the lights so you can be in the dark.
  5. You love books by Nancy Tillman. We have several of her picture books and you request to read one of them almost every night before bedtime.
  6. You like to wiggle your body and move your head when I attempt to style your curly hair. Sometimes you balk by whining ’til I ask you if it hurts and you inevitably say “no.”
  7. You’re obsessed with Chocolate World! You say “kahklit whd” every time you want to go there, which is multiple times a day. I’m not sure what your favorite part is, but I have a feeling it’s either the singing cows or the piece of chocolate you receive at the end of the ride.
  8. You take off your socks and shoes in the car right before I’m ready to take you out, which means I have to carry you inside. Every time you do this, I lift you out of your car seat and you say, “Wahk (walk), wahk!” I tell you the garage floor is dirty and that you should tell Daddy to clean it. Today, in fact, you told Daddy, “Dur-tee, ceen up (Dirty, clean up)!” Maybe he’ll do it next weekend…
  9. You are kind and gentle to babies. Almost everyone we know seems to have a baby and you love them all. You greet them by name (e.g., Asher, Caroline, Emma, Teddy). You like tickling them, patting their limbs, and kissing their hands.
  10. You’ve become much more imitative, which is having a positive impact on your language development. This is especially helpful when we sit down to do Kaufman Cards together.
Go to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com to read more slice of life stories.
Go to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com to read more slice of life stories.


12 thoughts on “10 Things Right Now

  1. We’ve been with our Sammie the last couple of weeks. I enjoyed cooking with her until, the fall! I was able to grab an arm in the nick of time! We have been getting into trouble with each other, every night. Thanks for the list idea. xo PS Love Love Isabelle’s curls!

  2. I always love Ali’s lists like this, and your post was another reminder that I want to try one soon; although, I already have a slice idea for today. Maybe next week…

    I especially loved reading about how she likes cooking just like you. It reminded me of earlier posts where you navigated the challenges of trying to keep cooking during her younger years, so it is fun to consider how the scenario changes as she grows older. It makes me think about how so many hobbies/interests, are just like reading and writing, when kids are surrounded by them from a young age and see them as an enjoyable activity for their parents, it is not surprising that they enjoy them as well.

  3. This is so great, Stacey! Again, I love the structure of this! I’ve been trying to capture these kinds of things for my girls in various ways – in their baby books, in a Smashbook I devoted just to them, etc. I’ll definitely do an entry like this…. somewhere!

  4. Love, love, love the documenting of memories that you do! My girls were reading letters that they wrote many years ago that my grandmother gave back to them. They were laughing!!! Isabelle will SO appreciate how you have captured her voice as a little person.

  5. This is so sweet it made me teary-eyed! There are moments when I wish I had memories like this from my childhood that I could cling to. It makes me hope and pray that I can be a mom put-together enough to record, record, record, life for my future kiddos!

  6. It would be so much fun to do this again say in six months or maybe even a year and see how different (or the same) this list would be! It could be full of surprises!

  7. Oh, how I wish I had captured my children just as they were at that moment. But I suppose it’s never too late, even if they are 29, 25, and 23! I love that we inspire each other every day. I also read Mrs. Keeler’s 10 Things Right Now for her students who are slicing. We should all learn to cherish each day, just as it is right now!

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