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Ugly Hat. Happy Head.

“Will you be embarrassed to be seen with me if I wear this hat to pick you up at school?”
“No Mommy.”
“Are you sure? It has ear flaps.”

“I think you look cute!”

“You do?”


It was settled. My daughter thought the ugly hat I grabbed at LL Bean was cute on me. Therefore, we got in line and purchased it.


Parked in my car, TRYING to make this hat look cooler, by wearing sunglasses. (Sunglasses can’t help this hat look cool.)
 Fast-forward to this morning, aka: the first day I actually wore said-hat.

Giggles ensued once it was on my hat, even though it was not clipped on the bottom.

“What’s so funny?” I asked Isabelle.

More giggles.

“Is it my hat?”

Even more giggles.

“That’s great. YOU told me I looked cute in this hat!”

“You look silly.”

Yeah, I know I look silly. But it is cold outside. Cold as in 19°F, but feels like 8°F. My 28 year-old self would die if she saw me walking around with this hat. I never would’ve been caught dead walking around Manhattan in something this ugly! But my 38 year-old self doesn’t care. My ears are warm. If my ears are warm, then I’m happy — no matter how silly I look.