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Prepping for the High Holidays

Isabelle didn’t want to get ready to go to bed tonight. Therefore, I infused music into her bedtime routine.  My pick was the high holidays melody that’s traditionally sung at this time of year. I combined a niggun (wordless melody) with the words “L’shana tova tikatevu. A happy, new year. Happy new year to you.” (L’shana tova tikatevu means “may you be written down for a good year.”  It’s typically how people greet one another on Rosh Hashanah.)  Well, Isabelle took the word tikatevu as an invitation to tickle her own belly each time I said it. The first few times I told her, “It’s tikatevu, not tickletevu. It doesn’t mean you tickle yourself.” But after the fourth time I realized I was fighting a losing battle. So, I grabbed my iPhone, put it behind my back, and recorded me singing the song while she tickled herself as much as she could.