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Soapy Hands

Playing at the Library’s Train Table

Earlier today, I took Ari to the library. He said hello to Athena the turtle, played a couple of computer games, and then made a bee-line for the trains. After playing with the trains, we read a couple of train books. Before we left, I insisted on a bathroom trip. While Ari initially fought me (and insisted he needed play with the kitchen RIGHT THEN AND THERE), he eventually accepted that we were going to the bathroom.

I rolled Ari’s sleeves up so he could wash his hands by himself. After I realized he couldn’t get the soap out of the dispenser, I gave him two pumps of soap. Ari scrubbed his hands, rinsed them, and dried them with an excessive amount of paper towels.

We walked back to the chair where our coats were resting. “Time to put on your coat,” I said.

“NO!” He replied. “My hands are soapy.”

“You just washed your hands. How could they be soapy?”

“They. Are. Soapy.” He replied.

Oh-my-gosh, I thought. This is going to be a thing, isn’t it?

“If you rinsed your hands and dried them, then your hands can’t be soapy,” I said reaching for his jacket. As I went to help Ari’s arm into the hole, he moved away and insisted, “My hands are still soapy!”

I decided to prove him wrong. I took hold of his small hands and discovered… they were slick!

“You’re right. They are soapy! I’m not sure how they’re soapy since I watched you rinse your hands, but we can rinse them again.”

I didn’t bother to look at Ari’s face since I was confident it was a mix of smug satisfaction and triumph. Alas, we walked to the bathroom together where I proceeded to help him rinse his hands. Ari still took an excess of paper towels, but at least his hands were soap-free AND dry this time!

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Gearing-up for a Writing Marathon

I detest the phrase, “I’ve been busy.” However, truth be told, I have many plates spinning right now.

On Monday and Tuesday, I had a tingling sensation down my right arm into my hand. This pain surge always happens before and during the month of March since I spend more time on the computer. By Tuesday night, I needed to curl up in bed earlier than usual since I couldn’t bear to sit at the computer anymore. Yesterday, I consumed too much coffee and not enough water. I landed up with an epic headache. Therefore, today I guzzled 64 oz. of water by 4 p.m. (And then I made myself a smoothie so I could make sure I was even more hydrated.) These two things made me realize I must take better care of myself during March.

Drinking my favorite smoothie helps me stay hydrated!

I have the next two hours of my life to squeeze in about seven hours of work. Somehow — thanks to a green smoothie and some Yo-Yo Ma — I hope I will accomplish a lot in that time. Alas, I know I’ll shut the door to my office at 6:30 p.m., which is when I will resume being mommy, with loose ends. Most of them can be picked up tomorrow.

The 12th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge begins tomorrow. In the early days of the Challenge, I read every Slicer’s writing at least three times. I had to give that up a couple of years ago since I landed up in a wrist brace for three consecutive Marches. Therefore, I will pace myself (and apologize, in advance, for not making it around to everyone multiple times). I am a human whose body cannot spend hours upon hours at the computer anymore. Therefore, I have promised to listen to my body (and my wrists!) this year. There will be days I will only be able to read and comment on three Slicers’ blogs… and that’s okay. Most of the time, I know I’ll read and respond to many more since commenting on other people’s blogs is at the heart of this writing challenge.

How will you practice self-care during this 31-day writing marathon?

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