A Few More Reasons to Write a Poem

digipoetry-buttonI was inspired to create my own poem after reading Catherine & Margaret‘s blog poems (inspired by Bob Raczka‘s “Some Reasons to Write a Poem”) last week.

A Few More Reasons to Write a Poem

Because a tiny bird nibbles seed from her hand-painted birdhouse


Because you delight in her questions

even the ones that start with “why”


Because you witness her pedaling her trike straight


Because she requests a ponytail instead of a side-bow


Because she wants “just one more hug”

at preschool drop-off


Because you see yourself in her

when she smiles


Do you know how hard it is to wrangle curly hair into a ponytail? I'm surprised she stood still while I did it!
Do you know how hard it is to wrangle curly hair into a ponytail? I’m surprised she stood still while I did it!


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Lunchbox Poems for National Poetry Month

I’m one of those moms who puts a note in my child’s lunchbox every day.  This month, I decided Isabelle was not going to get regular notes. Instead, she’d get a poem every day of the month, in honor of National Poetry Month, that she brings lunch to school.

I pulled out a variety of poetry books and combed the web for cute kids’ poems.  Next, I opened up the Vanilla Pen app and got to work.  Here’s a look at what I created (some are prettier than others):

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE.  My personal favorite is located on the bottom right.  It's includes a reminder that she has to leave early from school for a dental appointment. Ha!
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE. My personal favorite is located on the bottom right. It’s includes a reminder that she has to leave early from school for a dental appointment. Ha!

In honor of the first day of National Poetry Month AND the lunchbox poem series I’m hosting for Isabelle, here’s a peek at a favorite Eve Merriam poem that seemed perfect for Isabelle’s lunch today:

IMG_0651 (1)
Click on the image to enlarge.


I’m not sure what Isabelle will think of her month of poems. I hope her teachers won’t mind reading something a bit longer than my usual notes every day this month.

I’ve long had the idea of putting together a book (I envision it as the kind of book a publisher like Workman would take on.) of 180 Lunchbox Poems (for every day of the school year).  I’m not sure if a publisher would ever want to produce a book like this, which would include kid-friendly poems on sheets that parents could tare-out on a perforation and easily stick in their child’s lunch.  All I know is that the permissions process would be enormous!  For now, I’ll just stick with lunchbox poems for my own child.

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The Birthday Girl Sleeps


Warm Snuggly

Resting Breathing Sleeping

Sweet First Birthday Girl 




January’s Chalk-a-Bration

Betsy Hubbard hosts Chalk-a-Bration on the last day of every month over at Teaching Young Writers.

I’m back for my second Chalk-a-Bration. The weather is still keeping me from participating.  I tried a new drawing app since the one I used last time wasn’t compatible with my Jot Script Stylus. Not sure I love the way my poem looks with the Drawing Carl App. Perhaps I need to keep searching… or the weather needs to get warmer!

Without further adieu, here’s my poem:

Click on this rectangle to get a better look at my poem, which is called "Balmy Winter Day."
No hat or gloves
The mercury reads 25°F
That’s °F
not °C
But it feels like a veritable
As if the blooms have
Returned to the trees —
For weeks!
But spring hasn’t arrived
It’ll snow again…
On Monday!
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My First Chalk-a-Bration

Betsy Hubbard hosts Chalk-a-Bration on the last day of every month over at Teaching Young Writers.

I’ve been promising Betsy that I’ll join-in for Chalk-a-Bration for the past few months. However, the weather has kept me from participating… until now. I downloaded the Chalk Drawing App to my iPad and now weather can’t keep me away!

For the past two years, on the final day of the year, I craft a letter to my daughter about the year that’s past.  Even though I have this blog and and private, family-only blog, I still like the idea of writing her a letter.  I think it’ll be a nice way for her to go back and read through my thoughts and feelings about her growth and development when she gets older.

This year, Chalk-a-Bration and my year-end letter are meeting up on the same day.  Therefore, I chalked a poem to her for the opening of my letter.  While I won’t share the letter in this forum, I am very willing to share the poem.  Here it is:

Click on the image to enlarge.
Click on the image to enlarge.
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She Needs Me

In the wee hours of the morning
I hear a cry
Followed by a barking cough
It is not a seal
It is my Izzy

I spring into action
Run down the hallway
Scoop her hot body up
Hold her close
She is burning up

The plan goes into action
Down the hall is a half-made bed
Waiting for us
A blanket is unfurled
Pillows are relocated
The humidifier is moved
Schleppy the bear comes too

After an hour of pleading
For her to drink water
For her to take ibuprofen
She sleeps
But the seal barking continues
Throughout the night
She doesn’t sleep well
And neither do I

Monday’s plans change
Life is put on hold
There’s no time to stretch
Or even brew a cup of coffee
Because duty calls
She needs me

We read books
We watch TV
We play with dolls
I beg her to eat
I beg her to drink
I beg her to rest

She gives in
Willing to nap
Only if I come too
The writing project that’s due after Christmas
Will have to wait
The picture book manuscript I’m revising
Will have to wait
The TWT posts I’m crafting for this week and next
Will have to wait
She needs me

It takes her an hour
Of coughing
And sniffling
To fall asleep
I don’t dare leave the room
Instead I reach for the iPad
Hidden under the guest room bed
And begin typing
So I don’t disturb her
Already-distressed slumber

Just when I think
I could sneak away
To my office downstairs
I discover
She needs me
I sit her up
Take her hands
That are growing warmer again
Loosen what’s stuck with pats on the back
And lay her back down again

Minutes later the light snoring begins
My heart aching
Wondering what more I can do
To help my little girl because
She will need me again and again
‘Til the croup
And the cold
And the fever
Go away

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More Books That Show Love!

This meme was started by Sheila at Book Journey and the kids’ version has been adapted by Jen and Kellee at Teach Mentor Texts.

Last month I posted about a couple of books that convey love to a child.  Valentine’s Day is coming this week and I realized I hadn’t posted any additional titles.  Therefore, I’m posting two more today.  (While I’d like to post more, we’ve had some drama relating to a new router that we installed that’s been misbehaving.  During the router trouble, my keyboard tray broke off from my desk. Hence, I can’t sit at my desk to work on the computer for long periods of time since it’s just not comfortable.  My new keyboard tray cannot arrive fast enough.)  But I digress…

mommyhugsFirst, Mommy Hugs by Karen Katz is a giant board book I’ve enjoyed reading with my daughter for months now.  This book accounts for ten different times of day that moms and babies can exchange hugs with each other.  My daughter loves to read this book with me while snuggled on my lap.  (NOTE: Katz has a book especially for Valentine’s Day, Where Is Baby’s Valentine? A Lift-the-Flap Book, too.  I haven’t personally seen it, but as someone whose kid loves Katz’s books, I’m figuring it’s another good pick!)

I HAIKU YOU_COVERSecond, Betsy Snyder’s I Haiku You contains 20 haiku poems that focus around childhood friendship and things kids love.  It’s adorably illustrated and can serve as an inspiration for kids to craft their own Haiku poems.  Betsy wrote a guest blog post over at my other blog, Two Writing Teachers, last week.  She talked about how I Haiku You went from an idea to a project to a book.  Click here to read what she wrote and for a chance to win a copy of her book.


Thanku Poem

I just learned about the Teaching Authors’ Two Weeks of Thanks-Giving celebration. I wanted to participate, so I wrote a thanku poem (like a haiku) to my first grade teacher, Carol Snook, who believed in me as a writer at a young age.  Day by Day is dedicated to her.  However, this thanku poem allows me to say more.

You placed my books next

to published ones which made me

an author as well!

Want to try one? Just hop over to the Teaching Authors Blog to learn more.