Nine Months to Take It Off

Marc and Isabelle left for a birthday party moments after Ari went down for a nap. I figured I’d workout while Ari was napping. But Ari woke up before I even turned on my iPad to find a Pilates Anytime workout.
So we played. There were diaper changes and a feeding. After a couple of hours Ari looked tired enough to nap.
Once I thought Ari was asleep, I selected a reformer workout I wanted to do. I was six minutes into my warmup when cries erupted down the hall. 
I hit pause on my workout, lifted Ari out of his crib, and attempted to rock him back to sleep. No dice. So I brought him back, set him on the carpet with some toys, and attempted to workout.

Workout Selfie
Ari rolled everywhere possible in the room. Every time he rolled under or into a piece of furniture, I paused my workout video, dismounted the reformer, placed him in the center of the carpet, sat back down on the reformer, and resumed my workout. After seven or eight times of doing this, I gave up!
It took nine months to put the weight on and it’s definitely going to take at least nine months to take it off!