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Maccabeats Concert

Anyone who has read this blog in the past few years may remember Isabelle is a HUGE Maccabeats fan. We own every album they’ve cut and have watched their videos together on YouTube (giving them what probably amounts to over 1,000 hits from our home alone). A few months ago, I heard they were coming… Continue reading Maccabeats Concert

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The Maccabeats & the Common Cold

I tossed and turned in bed for an hour and a half last night before getting up to work at my computer. Before I rose from bed I heard Isabelle coughing on the monitor. And once I was downstairs in my office, which is directly below her bedroom, I heard more coughing.  This isn’t going… Continue reading The Maccabeats & the Common Cold

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Facebook Memories #SOL20

Most Facebook Memories make me smile. Find out why the memory that comes up from November 23rd, 2012 is a bittersweet one for me. (More bitter, than sweet, really.)

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Music on the Radio

It all started innocently enough. Isabelle made a request: Sure, I thought, as I grabbed my iPhone. “How do you the ‘HandClap’ song?” I asked. “Ryan sings it at school,” Isabelle replied. Within minutes I found and downloaded Fitz & the Tantrum’s “HandClap.” But then the requests kept coming — in the form of one… Continue reading Music on the Radio

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Regrets: Heavy Lifting – #sol16

For the next 31 days (Well, really 32 since I always start a day before the Challenge and then write the entire month of March.) my posts will be devoted to the Slice of Life Story Challenge, a challenge I co-host with seven other educators over at Two Writing Teachers. Some of my posts will… Continue reading Regrets: Heavy Lifting – #sol16

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My lullabies do two things: lull my child to sleep and pass down songs from the Jewish tradition.

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A Dose of Mommy Guilt

My little one is under the weather, which means I have a healthy dose of mommy guilt about heading out tonight to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah.

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Four “Big Girl” Moments

I’m not one of those moms who says, “It goes by so fast.” Most weeks seem to pass slowly… especially in the dead of winter. However, four things have happened in the past three days that have made me realize my little girl is growing up quicker than I want to admit: Tuesday a)  I… Continue reading Four “Big Girl” Moments

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First Meeting

Reports of a Nor’easter surfaced late last week. Even though we’re quite a bit west of the 95 Corridor, meteorologists were predicting snow.  The snow began around 9 p.m. on Thursday and fell overnight, which caused the schools to have a two-hour delay. By morning the roads weren’t cleared so the inevitable happened. Schools closed.… Continue reading First Meeting

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She read her first word!

I was driving down 283 this morning listening to the Maccabeats with Isabelle in the backseat.  We were approaching the exit for Rte. 743 when I heard her yell out from the back seat, “Kahklit Whd.”  My ears perked up.  I sat up higher in my seat and looked in the rearview mirror so I… Continue reading She read her first word!