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I was the Tooth Fairy.

Isabelle was born with a natal tooth. By the time she was a month old, she had already visited the dentist twice to have it checked. It wasn’t wiggling so we decided not to have it pulled. Have you ever seen a newborn baby with a tooth? It’s quite a site! Truthfully, It was the bane of… Continue reading I was the Tooth Fairy.

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An Emerging Jewish Identity

I’ve found navigating pleasantries can be tricky when you’re a Jew living outside of New York City in December.  Nearly everyone I encounter assumes I celebrate Christmas.  I’ve learned to respond to “Merry Christmas” with “Have a happy new year.”  It’s non-denominational and I figure it won’t offend anyone who is an atheist or agnostic.… Continue reading An Emerging Jewish Identity

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Grilled Chicken, Fries, & Apple Juice

Tuesdays are the busiest day of our week now that Isabelle is in school*.  And when I say busy, I mean BUSY.  She has three therapy sessions from 9:00 a.m. – noon.  Seriously! I’m just doing the driving (48 miles’ worth) — she’s doing the work! Her music therapist is available on first-thing on Tuesday… Continue reading Grilled Chicken, Fries, & Apple Juice

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Ten Things Right Now – Late Summer Edition

Photos can only tell us so much. Sometimes we need to take a snapshot of who someone is by capturing them with our words.

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ISO Wordless Picture Books

We’re using wordless picture books in speech therapy to help my daughter get her words out. Now I just need some wordless picture book recommendations.

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A Toddler Song of Thanksgiving

About two and a half weeks ago, Isabelle’s speech and music therapists worked with us to create a Thanksgiving song to the tune of “Hot Cross Buns.”  During that time, I’ve worked with Isabelle to brainstorm a list of things and people she was thankful for this year.  Since thankfulness is a pretty tough concept… Continue reading A Toddler Song of Thanksgiving

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She read her first word!

I was driving down 283 this morning listening to the Maccabeats with Isabelle in the backseat.  We were approaching the exit for Rte. 743 when I heard her yell out from the back seat, “Kahklit Whd.”  My ears perked up.  I sat up higher in my seat and looked in the rearview mirror so I… Continue reading She read her first word!

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10 Things Right Now

I figured I’d use the post I wrote yesterday about oral storytelling with Isabelle as my slice of life story for this week’s Slice of Life Story Challenge.  But then I came across Mandy Robek’s 10 Things Right Now List that she was inspired to write after reading Ali Edwards’ list.  Since this is a… Continue reading 10 Things Right Now

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The Silver Lining

We were supposed to go to opening day at Hershey Gardens today, but it was too raw and gray so we took Isabelle on the ride at Chocolate World instead. We were supposed to spend most of the past week with my parents, but my mom was sick so we went to my in-laws’ house… Continue reading The Silver Lining