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Everyone’s a Comedian

“Mommy, look at me!”

I anticipated the ridiculous. The ridiculous delivered in the form of this:

“You have ten eyes,” I said.

I could sense Ari skip counting by twos.

After a few beats he declared, “I do have ten eyes!”


16 thoughts on “Everyone’s a Comedian

  1. Look at him using those tools in the bright sun in the car! I have 5 pairs in the back seat in hope that 1 is in reach when we turn into the sun. And skip counting?! What a win!

  2. Oh, you are not the only one….but our kids spent their energy telling us how miserable we were making them, rather than using props for entertainment!

    1. Believe me, there’s plenty of “I’m bored!”
      That said, I have recently gotten Ari into audiobooks. The three of us drove to King of Prussia the other day. Ari was finishing Henry Huggins, Isabelle was listening to and reading a print version of More All-of-a-Kind Family, and I was listening to Escape Artist. I made sure they couldn’t hear my book since it’s a harrowing one about a man who broke out of Auschewicz to warn the world.

  3. This app is too cool!! I have to check it out. I’ve never heard it called skip counting – going to have to use that from now on.

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