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Mom’s Kitchen

BACKGROUND: Isabelle had a medical appointment this afternoon. Unfortunately, Ari had to come along since both kids had an early dismissal. Isabelle and Ari ate snacks on the drive to the appointment.


Ari was bored AND hungry by the time Isabelle’s appointment ended. “Let’s go out to eat!” he said. Ari long-pressed the home button on his iPad and said, “food near me,” to Siri.

Siri returned locations in Lancaster. The thing is, we were a half-hour west of our house. In his hangry state, Ari began yelling commands at Siri, such as “Find me restaurants near me,” “Snack bars by me,” and “Starbucks near me.” Nothing, nothing, and nothing.

“Why don’t we go out for dinner?” Isabelle asked.

“A, it’s a weeknight. B, we’re going to brunch with Lynne and Ralph tomorrow.”

“But we never go out to eat at night!” she complained.

“It’s. A. Weeknight.”

Isabelle must’ve understood she wasn’t going to get me to budge so she stopped complaining.

As we walked out of the office, Ari said, “Where can we go out to eat?”

“I know a place in Lititz where we can have dinner. Tonight is breakfast for dinner night,” I told Ari.

“How long will it take to get there?” Ari inquired.

“About a half hour,” I replied.

“What’s it called?” Ari asked.

“Mom’s Kitchen,” I replied with a straight face.

Isabelle smirked.

“Is it good?” Ari asked.

“Yes, the food is excellent. Mom’s Kitchen has a fully stocked kitchen, a great pantry, and a chef who loves cooking for people,” I answered.

“And we’re going there now?” Ari asked.

“Right now,” I replied.

Somewhere on the highway, as we got closer to home, Ari asked, “How much longer until we get to Mom’s Kitchen?”

I peered down at the GPS. “About 11 minutes.” No, that wasn’t right. I looked again. “Oh, 11 miles, 20 minutes.”

Ari took in the information and compared it with the GPS. “Is Mom’s Kitchen our house?!”

“It is!” Ari said.

“But you said…” Ari groaned. He must’ve realized he was defeated.

“Sorry, dude,” I said. “The good news is that tonight is breakfast for dinner!”

Chocolate Chip Pancakes… Coming Right Up!

Hopefully Ari won’t hold a grudge!

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19 thoughts on “Mom’s Kitchen

  1. Such a cute slice! I would have had a hard time responding with a straight face to all those questions. Maybe his hangry state turned off his sarcasm filter.

  2. I laughed out loud! I love that Isabelle was along for the joke the whole time and didn’t say anything. For the record, Mom’s Kitchen sounds like a great place!

  3. A great choice for a meal that everyone loves! I once had a meltdown in my house when I referred to my kitchen as Mom’s Diner! In a REAL diner, I was reminded, you can order whatever you want!

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