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Not-So-Stealthy Pics

After a rough start to our morning, I finally had the time to apply some makeup. Ari didn’t want to work on his leprechaun trap, nor did he want to do anything independently. Instead, he took unflattering videos of me while I was getting ready. (He’s done this before.) Every time he finished one, he returned my phone and played it. Most of them were in slow motion, and they were horrible.

You know the phrase, “You can’t fight city hall?” Well, that’s how I felt about Ari taking my phone this morning. I needed to prepare for the day, and he needed something to do. So I continued to allow him to use my phone, which was otherwise locked down.

Here are three outtakes from this morning:

The angles are unflattering.

Apparently, Ari thought my earrings were born so he grabbed me two new choices because, “you always wear hoops, Mommy.”

BUT — I decided to write it since one day I know teenage Ari won’t want to be anywhere near me when I get ready in the mornings. Therefore, I am preserving this morning memory since — as Jess Carey reminded me — our children are growing up quickly.

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17 thoughts on “Not-So-Stealthy Pics

  1. The pictures made me laugh – and not at you! I love the various angles he got, and I’d say the last one is reasonably flattering. Mostly, I love that you thought to catch the moment because you & Jess are right: the time flies by.

  2. I loved all the videos- I giggled. Pretty top, Stacey! You are right about time passing by so fast. You have so many precious moments documented. I think that’s a very good thing!

  3. I’m so glad you are preserving…it’s been years since we built our Leprechaun traps, among other things that remain solidly in a world that can’t grow with them.

  4. My daughter is also starting to get ahold of my phone and sneak in the picture taking from time to time. So funny!

    1. Wait till she takes 47 photos of her nostrils since she’s too close to the camera to get her whole face in the frame. That’s coming. 🤣 (Or maybe that’s just my daughter.)

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