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Impervious to the Cold

Did you know sixth graders (and all middle schoolers, while we’re at it) are impervious to the cold?

They’re not, but my daughter likes to think she is. She refuses to wear a hat unless it’s below 20 degrees. Scarf? Same thing as the hat. She usually wears gloves, but not today. Why? Because she’s 12.

Here’s the scene from this morning while we were waiting for her bus to pick her up:

Me: (notices nothing poking out of pockets) Do you have gloves?

A screenshot of today’s weather forecast from Carrot.

Isabelle: No.

Me: Why not?

Isabelle: They’re in my other coat.

Me: You have time to go and get them.

Isabelle: I don’t need them.

Me: Yes, you do.

Isabelle: I don’t.

Me: Your hands will be freezing at recess.

Isabelle: I’ll be fine.

Me: You should really take your gloves.

Isabelle: I’ll. Be. Fine.

Me: (pulls up weather report on phone) It doesn’t look too warm around the time you’re going to recess. I guess you’ll decide if you need to wear gloves tomorrow.

Isabelle: I really don’t need them.

Me: Let me see your hands. (snaps photo) I bet your hands will be dry tonight. So dry that you’ll need Aquaphor.

Proof of well-hydrated hands!

Isabelle: I’ll be fine.

Me: (accepts defeat) Time will tell.

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16 thoughts on “Impervious to the Cold

  1. I do not like to be cold! I love to wear scarves because when my neck is cold, I am cold. I have about seven different pairs of gloves. I usually lose at least one or two of a set each winter season. If I am outside walking a dog or taking a walk at Longwood, I want gloves. I am not crazy about hats, but Isabelle is so pretty she could wear just about anything and look great! My thing when I was her age was refusing to take an umbrella when there was a threat of rain. Absolutely refused to take one – but in the early sixties the umbrellas were all big and bulky. Tell Isabelle that the remainder of March will have below-normal temperatures. She might want to take a pair of gloves along in her coat pocket – just in case.

    1. I FORCED her to do it this morning and, OH, was she grumping! I do think she realized that 50 MPH wind gusts would be unpleasant without gloves. That said, she refused the scarf and hat.

  2. My youngest runs hot and is extremely stubborn. We stopped fighting him over winter gear in 3rd grade. For years, I sent his teachers a note as winter started. It went something like this, “Eric has access to appropriate winter clothing but often chooses not to use it. He is aware that are consequences to his choices: he may be cold (even very cold) and he may not be allowed outside for recess if he chooses not to dress appropriately. He will always have his gear in his backpack. On days when it is dangerously cold, he knows that winter gear is non-negotiable.” His teachers were lovely about it, but he’s still stubborn & hot: we went skiing today and he wore a t-shirt under his jacket!

  3. You describe the actions and words of middle schoolers perfectly. I bet there was even one who wore shorts to school. These are the years where they want to feel in control of their choices and most often will do the opposite of what authority suggests just because! Hang in there. She is doing exactly what she is suppose to – ignore your kind suggestions!

  4. This drives me crazy! My son is 8 and already fighting me with coats, hats, and gloves. I always put gloves in his pocket and his hat and an extra pair of gloves in his backpack. I doubt they come out at recess, but at least I’ve done my job! When did being cold become a cool status symbol? Seems like it should be the other way around.

    1. I saw a kid at elementary drop-off this morning in shorts and a T-shirt. Our weather forecast is low 40s with 50 MPH wind gusts today. I don’t know WHY these kids dress like that. Like you, I don’t think being cold is cool.

  5. Accepting defeat, for sure!! As the lunch supervisor for 8th graders, I can tell you that they insist on going outside regardless of the temperature. Few wear coats, none wear gloves or hats!!

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