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Extra Eggs

Whisking the wet ingredients.

This morning, I took three eggs out of the carton to get them to room temperature about an hour before we baked.

Ari and I made the dough for our Friday night challah this morning. One of his stuffies, Barkey Tucker, helped us.

Everything was going along fine until it was time for me to clean up. That’s when I noticed three eggs sitting on a spoon rest. Two egg yolks and one egg are used in the challah. How did these eggs get there? How were they still on the counter if I had the cracked shells in my hand?

I had gone down to the basement to grab a challah mix. Perhaps Ari entered the fridge and took out three new ones instead of one additional egg for the egg wash. But when I asked him, this is what transpired:

Where on earth did these new eggs come from?

I felt the eggs on the spoon rest when I put them back in the carton. They were warmer than the eggs in the carton.

After Ari’s (and Barkey Tucker’s) denial, I wondered aloud, “Could it be that there were nine eggs in the carton this morning, I laid out three before we ate breakfast, forgot about them, and added three new eggs from the fridge? Do you think I forgot about the eggs I had placed on the counter?”

“Maybe…” Ari replied.

“And you promise you didn’t put the extra three eggs on the spoon rest?

Ari said, “I promise.”

“I need more coffee,” I replied with a chuckle.

Raisin Challah
Challah is supposed to be braided. Since I make gluten-free challah, I use a silicone mold to shape the dough since it’s sticky. This is our finished raisin challah for Shabbat.
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9 thoughts on “Extra Eggs

  1. Barkey Tucker knew eggsactly how to throw the challah baking into confusion. Ari should give him a good talking-to, maybe he belongs in the dog house?!

  2. I love that Barkey Tucker got involved! I’m betting this is a mom’s-got-a-lot-to-remember issue rather than an Ari-snuck-out-more-eggs issue. And your gluten free challah looks delicious – I’m impressed by the mold!

    1. I’m better with the eggs for the challah than remembering to soften the butter for cookies. I have tricks for the times I forget to take out the butter in advance!

  3. I think you should stick to the stuffed animal taking out the eggs😂 If I had something else to blame things like this on, I definitely would!

  4. I love this! I very much appreciate the giggle-inducing interrogation of Barkey Tucker. 🙂 But when you turned the camera and there were three eggs in the carton, I almost spit out my coffee!

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