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“Mise en Place” is not a guarantee!

Ready to Go!

It started with 14 ounces of butter that needed to be softened. Once I put it in a bowl, I decided to remove ingredients from the pantry. Then, I retreived kitchen tools (e.g., zester, kitchen scale, measuring cups) from their various storage spaces. Long before the kids returned from Hebrew school I was READY to bake hamantaschen!

I got to work making the batter after lunch. (Ari, who typically helps me, was in a rotten mood so I didn’t ask him to help.) Once the batter was finished, it was wrapped in plastic and placed in the fridge to chill.

While the dough chilled, I sat with Isabelle to do a run-through of her Bat Mitzvah service. I washed dishes. Before I knew it, the hour passed quickly. Once my timer went off, I called Ari over — since he was no longer grouchy — to roll out the dough with me.

I should’ve put the dough back in the fridge to let it chill for a longer period of time since it felt too soft. That was the WRONG MOVE. While gluten-free dough is stickier than gluten-full dough, this was not rolling out well. (I’ll spare you the repeated rollings and the trip some of the dough made to the freezer.)

Thanks to a LOT of patience, Ari and I created 21 dough rounds. We dropped apricot and strawberry preserves into the centers and molded them into triangles. (Ari baked hamantaschen at Hebrew school this morning so he felt confident about his technique, which was good since the too-soft dough made my confidence as a baker waiver.) We placed them in the oven and waited 13 minutes.

We peeked through the oven halfway through the cooking time and discovered several of our cookies opened up! I hoped they’d taste good even if they opened up completely.

In the end, this year’s hamantaschen tasted delicious! And even though they didn’t look stellar, none looked like the ones I made last year, which were poop emoji doppelgangers. 💩🤭🤣

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17 thoughts on ““Mise en Place” is not a guarantee!

  1. They do look yummy! I love Ari’s sweet sitting position on his feet as he looks into the oven. I had to laugh seeing the googly eye-less brown ones from last year. Thanks for hosting the meet up this morning!

  2. There’s such a pleasantly light touch to this telling. Without saying much about your children, we get generous snapshots from just a few lines. I salute your baking perseverance as well. Having the patience to work with dough that needs chilling has never been my forte.

  3. Yesterday we were discussing Purim with our son, now long past the hamantaschen baking days, and recalled the crazy plays his Hebrew school bar mitzvah class put on. You made me want to bake some regardless. Do you have a recipe you recommend? (It’s been years for us.) So glad Ari let the funk lift, so he could have fun.

  4. They look delish! My husband loves any cookie with jelly in the center! I see that almond flour in the picture — Bob’s Red Mill, that’s our fav, too!

  5. Isn’t it great how somehow hamantashchen always come out looking okay? This treat doesn’t have to be a perfect triangle, but simply resemble one! Maybe that’s a metaphor for life! We don’t need to be perfect. But, man those beauties do look delicious!

  6. I love this post and the picture of watching them bake. Little Man and I were making Chocolate cookies today (much easier) and he sat just like that watching them bake. Such a great experience for kids to bake with family.

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