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New Title: Fish & Dasher

Last night, Ari told me he finished his book about Fish. In reality, he added two more pages with no substance.

“I understand that you want to finish your book so you can share it in school tomorrow, but there’s much more you can do with it.”

We talked about the way Fish wrestles with Dasher, his Poodle brother. We discussed infusing some setting details into the book since Skagway is now blanketed in snow, not green grass. I reminded Ari that he could spend more time on his illustrations.

This morning, Ari woke up early and got to work on his book again. By the time I came downstairs for breakfast, he had restapled the book. This was the finished product:

Written and read by Ari.

NOW the book was ready to go to school! But first, I scanned it so we could send it to the folks in Alaska later today.

If you need a dose of spelling-related cuteness, here’s some work Ari did with the book’s revised title:

Also, you’ll hear me carrying on a separate conversation with Isabelle.

What’s next? Ari plans to write a book about Murray and Jake, two other pups from the Mo Mountain Mutts videos. I’m unsure if it’ll be another nonfiction text or if he plans to write a story this time. Time will tell…

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13 thoughts on “New Title: Fish & Dasher

  1. I can’ t play the videos because I’ve got a sleeper next to me, but I love how you capture his process. I also love that he’s so willing to stay at work on a piece he thought was finished. That mindset will serve him well.

  2. Oh my goodness. Don’t you love Kindergarten writers? He wrote a lot and read using his pointer finger. And I love the way he constructed the title – good thinking, Ari!

  3. I want to go to the licky puppy corner! Your kids will love all your chronicling when they get older (if they do not already). I love seeing his work.

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