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No Bears in the Bathroom!

I have a couple of “rules” about what goes into our bathrooms. I think they make a ton of sense and I don’t think anyone my kids should question them. They are:

  • Do not bring any food, drinks, or anything from the kitchen (e.g., aprons) into the bathroom.
  • Do not bring stuffed animals into the bathroom.

I feel like both of these rules are obvious and don’t need to be explained to anyone over the age of 14. My children, on the other hand, have heard my rationale — especially about the second one — many times.

BOTTOM LINE: Rubber ducks are for the bathroom. Stuffies, which lay on beds and couches, are not.

This morning, Ari did NOT want to brush his teeth. Or make his bed. Or eat his breakfast. (In all fairness, 3/4 of us had the flu last week and even though we’re better, none of us are ourselves yet.) I did not want to fight with him since I am not back to normal yet.

I grabbed Quincy, deepened my voice, and said, “Let’s go to the bathroom and brush our teeth, Ari.”

Ari didn’t move.

I tried again, “Let’s go, Ari. Let’s brush our teeth together.”

Still no movement.

“C’mon! I’m going to the bathroom now. Aren’t you coming?” Quincy asked.

With that, I held Quincy by his shoulders and helped him amble into the bathroom.

Pleasefollowpleasefollowpleasefollow, I thought.

“He’s going in the bathroom?!” Ari questioned.

“Yes, I told you that I need to brush my teeth,” Quincy replied.

Seconds later the pitter patter of little feet followed. Ari plopped down on the floor, took out a spare toothbrush, and began brushing Quincy’s teeth. Fortunately, Ari brushed his teeth once Quincy was finished!

While I was thrilled I didn’t have to raise my voice to get Ari to brush his teeth, a little piece of me died since Quincy was on the bathroom floor. I know my kids’ bathroom isn’t anywhere near as gross as a public restroom, but there’s something that didn’t sit well with me about it all day.

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18 thoughts on “No Bears in the Bathroom!

  1. It’s like eating in the bathroom. How could that ever seem like a good thing to do? I hope Hanukkah is without bugs, that the 1/4 that dodged the flu stays that way!

  2. I can see where having food / stuffies in the bathroom would give both the heebies AND the jeebies. This is one of those moments that you can chalk up as both a parenting genius AND a fail. Let’s stuck with the genius part, though. You were quick-thinking in a moment that could have turned into a power struggle, and THAT. Is. A. WIN.

  3. Your rules seem perfectly logical to me .. .and so does the reason for bending the rule this one time!

    Maybe do a bunch of bear spot washing to make yourself feel better!

  4. What I like the most here is how bending (ok, breaking) a rule was so shocking that Ari brushed his teeth (and Quincy’s). I love your quick-thinking parenting moment, even if it left you a little uncomfortable. Also, that picture is priceless.

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