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Where do you start on a page?

Chances are that your child has told you, “That’s not the way my teacher has me do it.” That’s common.

But have you ever been told, “That’s how I do it in school so I don’t have to do it at home” by your child? No?

Well, here you go:

Oh, Ari!

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15 thoughts on “Where do you start on a page?

  1. I am going to be Ari’s cheerleader. Go, Ari!
    He has a valid point. When he is in charge of his own writing at his own time, he can write any way he wishes, anywhere he wishes, anything he wishes. He has the power to decide and the right to experiment. It is going to be fun to look back at his experimentations as a growing writer later when he has learned all the rules and conventions.

  2. Little does Ari know that in some not-too-distant future hell have to number all the pages and make a table of contents. Then he’ll be able to find stuff if he keeps up the table (hmmm). For now, enjoy randomness, Ari!

  3. When I was teaching second grade, that randomness in a notebook made me nuts. “I can’t find that page!” Hmmm, I wonder why. When I moved to third and then to fourth grade, I had hopes that all kids would be more organized in their notebooks….. I wish I could say they ALL listened to the way I asked them to set up their notebooks!

  4. Odd as it is, I love looking back at some of my sons’ random notebooks. One of them in particular would just randomly open and draw – and then fill in the pages in between over time. Now it’s a fun memory – then it drove me nuts!

    1. This evening, he recognized the word “art” in a book we were reading. I was so impressed. Then he said, “Well, Ari and art are similar, but the last letter is different.” WOW! Loved that.

  5. In Ari’s defense, that left right, top bottom, one page after another approach is a convention that not all writing accepts! He is clearly emerging as a writing with his own ideas and points of view!

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