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“Jack! Kaylee! Aaron! … Grace!”

“Why is he calling out all of the kids, in line order, from his class?” I asked Marc as I emerged from the bathroom after my shower.

Marc gave me a beats me look and went back to trying to wrangle Ari to get ready for bed.

I swept the toner-drenched cotton pad across my face, then threw it in the garbage. Just as I pumped night cream onto my fingertips, I heard the same enthusiasm, but this time in reverse.

“Grace! Russell! Brayden! … Jack!”

I secured my towel over my hair and poked my head out of the bathroom again.

“Why is he calling out the names of the kids in his class backwards?“

Again, Marc had no answer.

“It kind of sounds like a combination of a baseball roster and a TV show. Maybe ‘The Love Boat,’” I replied.

Marc smirked.

I put on a fake Ed McMahon voice. “Maybe “Star Search? Starring Jack, Kaylee, Aaron…”

Marc shrugged — unamused. After all, it was a little after 8 p.m. and our goal is to have Ari in bed for story time by 8:15 so his lights are out by 8:30.

Then the names started coming in random order, but with just as much enthusiasm. “Margot! Wyatt! Mason!”

“What order is that?” I asked Marc.

“Something about height,” he replied.

I shook my head and laughed, “Has he announced the special guest stars yet?”

“Not yet,” Marc replied still seemingly unamused.

Once I was totally dressed, I marched into the bathroom to see what Ari was up to. He marched out while continuing to call out the names of his classmates.

“Dude, I need you to finish getting ready for bed.”

To which he replied, “Jack! Kaylee! Aaron!”

Here’s my son, at 8:38 p.m., finally under the covers and ready for lights out.
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7 thoughts on “Starring…

  1. As I think about Ari’s reciting, I cheer that his classroom seems to be a place where names are known and recited and shouted and celebrated. Lucky boy! A special cheer for his teacher who is setting a tone that each is special and we call them by name!

  2. My 21 month old granddaughter Stella is learning the names of the kids in her class. It’s such a wonderful sign of community and connectedness, not to mention learning to say new words.

  3. How wonderful that he knows their names! I am sure this is an exciting roll call (for him) and perhaps he can invite a friend or two over soon and you will get to know the other characters in his play!

  4. You should be filming this, Stacey! Seriously. I feel like I am right there in your house. I miss that chaos at bedtime. Dare I say it?
    Savor it! 🙂

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