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Scratched-up in the Smokies!

I walked to my car in the nearly-empty parking lot. I was horrified to find the bottom of my minivan looking like this:

They said a minivan would be able to handle the drive up the mountain! Well, I guess they were wrong!

Here’s a peek at a time-lapsed video I shot as Marc drove up the mountain to our cabin, which was over 3,300 feet in the sky. As you’ll notice, the road got narrower and went from two paved lanes to one gravel lane.

Rather than being angry at the person who told my cousin Scott that our minivans could make it up the mountain roads, I started cursing Baines Mountain. I lamented giving up my SUV for a kid-friendly minivan. ARGH!

I examined the damage. It wasn’t just scratches. They bottom bumper seemed to be hanging down low. I took photos so I could share my frustration with Marc and my cousins. But first, air conditioning! 

I attempted to open the driver’s door with the touch of my hand. It wouldn’t open. I put my hand on the sliding door behind my seat. Nothing. While the minivan’s doors occasionally don’t open when I touch the handle, I was furious. I huffed my way to the front passenger’s door. I touched my hand to the handle. STILL NOTHING.

At this point, I stomped back to the driver’s door and removed the key fob from my purse. I looked inside and that’s when I realized that the steering wheel had a Toyota logo on it. I don’t drive a Toyota. 

I looked up, key fob in hand, marched one car over (aka: the only other car in the parking lot), put my hand on the door handle, and heard the familiar beep-beep.


My favorite photo I took from our cabin. THIS is what I want to remember, not the harrowing drive.

9 thoughts on “Scratched-up in the Smokies!

  1. I’m laughing! That is a relief for sure. I have often tried to get into the wrong car. I even tried to get in with another family at a gas station once. Glad this story had a happy ending!

  2. Relief for sure! I’ve actually climbed into someone else’s car, not realizing I was in the wrong car until I looked at the “stuff” lying in the center console! Beautiful picture from the cabin!

  3. LOL. Two Jeeps side by side in the parking lot and I didn’t look for flashing lights. Ah, unfamiliar vehicles, roads, and signs!

    ENJOY your summer!

  4. 😂 I’m so relieved for you! I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve walked to the wrong car in a parking lot. I drive a gray CRV. Nothing says homogeneous quite like it. I do hope that photo is of the other white minivan.

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