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Spoon Cake + Spoon Cake

Last week, we went strawberry picking — twice. After yesterday’s jam-making mishap (Don’t ask.), I wanted to redeem myself (since I’m my harshest critic) by making a new strawberry recipe for this evening’s dessert. After scrolling through lots of strawberry recipes, I picked Jerelle Guy’s Strawberry Spoon Cake, which is like a clafoutis.

I checked the reviews (which I should’ve done for the jam recipe). They were excellent. I checked the ratings. They were five stars. I checked the ingredients. We had all but the whole milk in the house, which I added to my shopping list. All I’d need to do was swap the AP flour for gluten-free cake flour and I’d be ready to roll.

Ari and I were in Wegmans for about three minutes when he asked, “Can I buy sugar cookies for me and Isabelle?”

I thought for a minute. As kind as it was for him to include Isabelle in his request for cookies, I replied, “Not today, buddy. We’re going to make Strawberry Spoon Cake for dessert tonight.”

“I don’t like strawberry spoon cake,” he replied.

“Do you know what’s in it?” I asked.

“No, but I want a sugar cookie.”

“Do you want to know what’s in it?”


“Strawberries, butter, flour, brown sugar… ice cream.”

Ari’s eyes lit up. I had him at ice cream.

Once we finished lunch, Ari and I got started on the spoon cake. He greased the pan while I hulled the strawberries. He mashed the strawberries, while I melted the butter.

Just as we added the dry ingredients into the batter, I realized I dumped an extra half of a teaspoon of salt into the batter rather than grabbing the teaspoon measuring spoon and the baking powder.

“Shoot!” I said.

“What’s wrong?” Ari asked.

“I just — I just put double the salt into the recipe.”

“Uh-oh,” he said in a menacing tone.

Uh-oh, indeed. There was no way to remove extra salt from the batter. I could either scrap it and restart or double the recipe. I’ll be honest… the decision was kind of a no-brainer given that we picked two more quarts of strawberries on Friday morning.

And that is how we landed up making TWO strawberry spoon cakes this afternoon.

Given that we had an extra cake, Ari and I decided to preview half of one of the cakes — which are thin — with a spoonful of Tillamook vanilla bean (What else!??!) ice cream five minutes after we removed them from the oven. We determined they were delectable… much better than a sugar cookie, which was long forgotten.

13 thoughts on “Spoon Cake + Spoon Cake

  1. I love that you cake with your kids, Stacey. There is so much learning in baking – especially the mistakes. i once made a cake with preschoolers and one wanted to put 1/4 cup of salt in the batter. I let him and made two cakes so the kids could taste the difference. The salty cake looked beautiful but, of course, was inedible. We crumbled it up and set it out for the birds. They did not eat it. No creature came to eat it. They knew better.

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