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It’s Strawberry Season!

Ari adores strawberries. He eats them daily… unless we are out of them. So it’s no wonder he’s been looking forward to making strawberry ice cream ever since September. (I refused to make it with him until strawberry season since I wanted the strawberries to be fresh and inexpensive. I mean, have you seen the price of strawberries recently?!?! They’ve been astronomical until a few weeks ago when the supply must have increased in the springtime!)

This morning’s weather was forecast was in the upper 60s so it was the perfect time for us to head to our favorite strawberry field for our farm-to-table adventure.

A timeline in pictures:

I’ve never been a strawberry ice cream fan — until today. Apparently, it tastes delicious when the berries are picked the same day as the ice cream is churned and served!

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13 thoughts on “It’s Strawberry Season!

  1. I love how you did this – – the story, the timeline, the pictures. The face screams: I LOVE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM! And the face also shows Ari loves doing fun things with a mom who enjoys spending time with him and giving him new experiences. What fun!

  2. YUM! Everything is better completely and totally fresh – farm to table! I’m ready for strawberry picking! I bet Ari’s homemade strawberry ice cream tops Longford’s 😉

  3. I love that you’ve taken us along for the ride. Your post reminds me of two things: First, when I was growing up, my dad planted wild strawberries in our back yard. The first several years were bleak: teensy-tiny, shriveled. And as the years went on, the plants grew and spread. It got to be a thing I enjoyed, going out to the back yard to forage for berries that I could offer to my dad in a little bowl.

    The other memory strikes me from when we lived in Michigan. It was a week or two before my younger one’s due date. I brought my older son strawberry picking with me. I figured if THIS didn’t get me to go into labor, I wasn’t sure what would. Of course it didn’t. Of course that boy waited until his EXACT due date. And of course he’s still exactly the same.

    Thanks for bringing up these memories. =))

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