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BB Who?

“I want baby eight mindful breathing,” Ari told me after we finished reading a second picture book.

“What?” I asked Ari.

“Baby eight. Mindful breathing,” Ari replied with more emphasis.

Headspace recently added a bunch of a Star Wars breathing exercises and guided meditations.

“What’s baby eight?” I asked.

“B. B. 8! The mindful breathing with BB-8.” Ari replied.

“Oh!” I understood.

But I really didn’t understand. I may have realized Ari was asking me to do a one-minute, Star-Wars-themed breathing exercise, but I don’t even know who BB-8 is. I never watched “Star Wars” as a kid. A college friend was aghast by this and showed me “Star Wars” one Saturday night freshman year. I fell asleep on it.

We did the one-minute breathing exercise with BB-8 (whoever/whatever it is). Then we did a kids’ guided meditation. Finally, I said good night.

Just as I settled into bed around 9:15, a visitor came into my bedroom.

“I can’t sleep,” Ari declared.

“I see that,” I replied.

“Don’t you want this blanket over your legs?” he asked noticing I had an ice pack on my ankle, but wasn’t covered up.

“I am cold. Is that why you came in here?” I replied.

He smiled.

“Okay, I’ll take the blanket,” I said.

Ari tossed the blanket over my legs and then made himself at home in my bed.

Around 9:30 p.m., I realized it had been about an hour since we meditated in Ari’s room and about 50 minutes since I said “good-night” to him. And look who was still beside me:

Apparently, we wear stripes on Mondays.
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4 thoughts on “BB Who?

  1. BB8 is not from your childhood, but Ari’s. It’s the most recent robot (?). I, being a mom of boys have been surrounded by Star Wars. It feels like forever. That breathing technique must need a reboot if it didn’t fulfill its intended purpose. 🙂

  2. This is such a perfect little slice. I love the dialogue leading to a (slight) ‘aha!’ moment and how it finished with him snuggled up with you.

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