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Nurturing a New Slicer

I didn’t think I could talk her into it.

But I nudged her.

Let’s be honest, I strongly encouraged her to give it a try.

So, she thought of a theme (i.e., writing about her life with her little brother). We compromised on the time frame (weekdays in April rather than all 30 days of the month.)

This week, we’ve talked about drafting in Co:Writer. We discussed the importance of her being the first reader of her writing before asking for an edit. We chatted having someone edit for her before going public with her writing. We talked about using Waterlogue instead of posting actual photos. We discussed that I would be the administrator of her blog so that I could work with her to keep her safe online.

As of today, Isabelle has written six blog posts on A Big Sister’s Tales. She is READY to begin the 10th Annual Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge, which begins tomorrow.

I have no idea if this experience will be a transformative month for Isabelle. It’s my hope that she becomes a stronger writer, has a greater desire to publish her writing, and connects with other kids from around the world. And if she gets or receives some comments (Hint, hint!) from some of my adult Slicer friends, well, then that’s a wonderful bonus!

Head over to on Tuesdays for more slice of life stories.

13 thoughts on “Nurturing a New Slicer

  1. This is so exciting! And I love the name of her blog! I wish her all the best, but with you beside her, I am sure she will be amazing!

  2. Wren is all ready for year 3! It’s been such a joy to watch her grow and have so many pieces of her life (written from her perspective) saved. This year, Adi has also agreed to give it a try. I’m hoping to layer in a little writing instruction along the way…I like the weekday idea as a gentle entry in. I will share Isabelle’s blog with Wren!

    1. I’m finding I’m tucking in tips while she’s editing. Trying not to overwhelm her. Right now we are working on economizing words and properly punctuating dialogue.
      I’m going to have Isabelle check out your girls’ blogs soon.

      1. We do a lot of generating in the air…I think I wrote about it last year. A lot of conferences happened while braiding their hair!

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