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Making a Call with Siri

Ari: Siri, Call Fluffy.

Ari (as Siri): Calling Fluffy, home.

(Ari makes ringing noises.)

“Fluffy” (Really Ari, but using a high-pitched puppy voice.): Hello?

Ari: Hi, Fluffy. It’s Ari.

“Fluffy”: Hello! When are you coming home?

Ari: We have 17 miles and four minutes until we get home.

Mommy: That’s 1.7 miles, buddy.

“Fluffy”: Oh, good. See you soon.

Call #1

This is not the first time that Ari has called Fluffy, his newest stuffy (Courtesy of Lynne and Ralph who have bought some incredible stuffies for my kids through the years.), from the car. The calls began about a week ago. At first, I thought it was fleeting… something he’d said because I often use Siri to make a phone call. However, it’s becoming a regular thing for him.

Ari: I forgot to tell Fluffy something. Siri, call Fluffy again.

“Siri”: Calling Fluffy, home.


“Fluffy”: Heh-looooo!

Ari: Hi, Fluffy. It’s me, Ari, again.

“Fluffy”: Where are you?

Ari: We’re almost home.

Call #2

I really didn’t register anything after that because it devolved into silliness.

Eventually, I came to a stop sign and looked behind my right shoulder at Isabelle. She looked at me as if to say, is he for real?! Meanwhile, I was stifling a giggle.

“Remember,” I told her. “He’s five.”

She gave me an exasperated look, but said nothing.

But then…

Ari: Siri, call Fluffy at home.

CALL #3 (aka: Here we go again.)
Ari and Fluffy reunited once we got home.
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18 thoughts on “Making a Call with Siri

  1. Oh, I would have split my sides from laughing so hard! Ari really should grow up to be a writer – maybe create new television shows, or write screenplays or movies – maybe comic books and animated movies. He is an Imagineer! I hope his sense of wonder and his ability to imagine and create opportunities for play are always a part of him. And I hope Siri is always able to put him in touch with Fluffy when you are away from home!

  2. Oh, I love this game. So much creative play! (And, as the oldest, I feel his sister’s pain.) I’m sure it will get old for you before it does for him, but until then, I’m glad you caught it & wrote it down.

  3. I love when my older girls give me that look, responding to Rose and her silliness. I know they find her amusing. Ari is such a character. I love his slices!

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