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Make It a Snap Word

I learned about orthographically mapping irregular words when I attended the TCRWP Dyselxia Institute. They provided us with a routine for mapping irregular words. A few days ago, I tried it out with Ari. So far, we’ve mapped three sight words that he’s found tricky: here, said, and is.

The shutter is about to click!

This morning, during lowercase handwriting practice, I noticed Ari putting his hands up to his temples after he wrote the word here.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m taking a picture so I remember how to write this word,” he replied.

“Didn’t you already take a picture of it last week?” I pondered.

“I did. I’m taking another picture of it so I can really remember,” Ari said.

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33 thoughts on “Make It a Snap Word

  1. I’ve never heard of teaching orthographic mapping – I’m going to have to look into that – but I love Ari taking a (second) picture with his mind so that he can remember. ❤

    1. There’s quite a bit out there on it. I believe it I believe it’s a term that’s been around for years. As an upper elementary person, it wasn’t something I ever did. But nowadays, I teach preschool! (There won’t be an encore. First and last time teaching anyone below K.)

  2. I never heard of the term either, thank you for sharing Ari’s success, this is great, bravo to you both!

  3. Like Amanda, I need to look up orthographic mapping. Bravo to Ari for “taking a picture” of “here.” I’m both fascinated and deeply touched by this tender moment of learning.

  4. What a great strategy of taking a ‘photo’.
    Speaking of photos, I love the watercolour effect of your photo of Ari. How did you make that happen?

      1. Thank you! I’ll have to check it out. Your photos are always absolutely gorgeous with the water color feel.

    1. He prefers math to ELA so getting him to do this took some effort. He gets such satisfaction out of recognizing words. Maybe it’s time… (I don’t want to push him to read before he’s ready so I’m just laying the groundwork now.)

  5. Love that he is taking a picture… it is such a great technique for remembering words and also moments and places. The watercolour illustration really added to your slice- so impactful!

  6. What a neat opportunity you and Ari are having! He’d never get that kind of 1:1 teaching if it wasn’t for homeschooling. But I’m with you…I taught K one year and that was more than enough!

  7. I love it when those connections click. Good job Ari. And yes, teaching preschool through 2nd grade is tough. As a literacy specialist, I have seen the demands of this age group as well and it is amazingly difficult yet worth seeing those light bulb moments.

  8. I was just talking to Kindergarten teachers today about mapping words orthographically. I love the idea of snapping a picture… a new way to call words snap words!

  9. Just love Ari’s response and the photo. It is so much like him – he’s so cool! I bet his teachers are all going to love him! Thanks for sharing this slice. I have a very visual memory and learned to read by acquiring a huge sight word vocabulary, spelling words from memory, and to acquire vocabulary words from the printed page.

  10. I LOVE this strategy for kids (or anyone) to “take a picture of the word”. That pause is so important and solidifies learning!

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