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From Grumpy to Happy

I emerged from my office around 4:20 p.m. in search of Ari. Typically, he’d make his presence known after his rest time. But not today.

I found Ari sitting at the kitchen table — eating a snack — with his sitter who gave me a look that said, he woke up grumpy. I tried to cheer Ari up by ruffling his hair and some questions, but I could see talking to him would be futile. He whined his responses. He’d have to come around in his own time.

I walked over to the fridge and retrieved boxes of berries. (It’s breakfast-for-dinner night!) I began cutting them. Ari’s interest was piqued since he barked, “Let me cut some.”

“Get your helper tower and come over.”

It took two minutes for him to drag the helper tower over since he was busy grumping about needing to walk around the island. Whatever.

Ari finally made it! He climbed atop the helper tower while I got a cutting board. “Give me the red thing.”

“The Opinel? To protect your fingers?”


“Use your manners, please.”

“Please get me my Opinel.”

I retrieved the finger guard from the drawer and helped Ari put it on. We cut a few strawberries together. Eventually, I let him cut on his own.

Ari’s mood brightened after he popped a few strawberries — which are his favorite fruit — in his mouth.

“Feeling better?” I asked as he popped one strawberry half into his mouth and put the other piece in the bowl.

He just smiled. Then he went back to slicing — and eating — the berries.

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9 thoughts on “From Grumpy to Happy

  1. Strawberries have been the star of the show for grandsons’ visit. And you’ve given me another idea for a slice. Oh, the last two days have reminded me of the dance parents play to get from grumpy to happy. I love your tactics. And I’ve never heard of an Opinel. Always something new to learn!

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