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Haricots Verts et Haricots Jaunes

This Is Just to Say

This is the boy who inspired tonight’s poem.

I sautéed
yellow beans
that were mixed
with green

and which
you were probably
to spit out

Forgive me
they tasted the same
so thin
and so savory

Today’s slice of life story (poem) was inspired by “This Is Just to Say” by William Carlos Williams, as well as Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It: False Apology Poems by Gail Carson Levine and Matthew Cordell.

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22 thoughts on “Haricots Verts et Haricots Jaunes

  1. You are very daring – mixing two color beans together. That would certainly have been rejected by at least one member of my family. I love the imitation of William Carlos Williams. Great beginning!

  2. This sounds/looks so much like dinner at my house! My son is doing a poetry unit in 5th grade and has decided he only like humorous poems. I’ll have to introduce him to these false-apology poems and see what he thinks.

      1. This is the best type of writing, the most gratifying writing, a piece that seems to download from the heavens, into our brain, down our arm, through our hand and onto a page.

  3. Oh, how perfectly this picture and poem hold hands! The things we do to prepare healthy meals….mixing beans….and the reactions we get! What a great, simple way to slice the moment.

  4. I LOVE that book and always share poems from it with my class and your false apology poem is so mom. The things our kids take as personal insults!

  5. Oh this is just too fun to read! Plus the photo of him reject those beans! I’ve never read this book but what playful craft a false apology can be. Love this!

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