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Preschool Writing

It’s been a hot minute since I was a guest in Isabelle’s preschool class during writing time. While I’ve been away from the preschool classroom for the past 5.5 years, I’ve read a bit about emergent writing since I knew I’d eventually work with Ari as he grew as a writer. Never-did-I-ever imagine I’d be in a homeschool situation where I was tasked as his preschool teacher! #ThanksDeltaVariant

Ari thinks about the next letter he’ll write on the paper.

Ari prefers to do math with me rather than write beside me. As his teacher-mom, I have to make sure we tackle all subject areas. Therefore, I called in some reinforcements to get him excited about writing this week. Who did I invite to writing time? His stuffed puppies, of course!

For the past couple of days, Ari has been more excited to write because I let him select new writing utensils from my office. (He picked an orange mechanical pencil.) I’ve shared some new paper choices with him too. Also, his enthusiasm to write has increased since he’s writing about his stuffies. Here’s a look at what he wrote this morning:

“I am rubbing Murphy’s belly.” Murphy was one of Isabelle’s stuffed dogs, which she bequeathed to Ari about a year ago. On a different note, I adore Ari’s over-generalization about periods. Notice there’s one after his first name. He insisted it was there. Apparently, Ari is a complete thought.

I’m not sure how many pages about puppies he’ll write in the weeks to come. I know he has a lot of stuffies so it’s possible he might create a book about them! I’m hoping to direct him into storytelling or all-about books. For now, I’m just happy he is willing to sit alongside me to write!

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12 thoughts on “Preschool Writing

  1. Wonderful! I have many books my kids wrote around that age. Sometimes they dictated the words and illustrated them, and other times they wrote by themselves. They are such treasures! Ruth,

  2. As a former K teacher, that is AWESOME writing for a preschooler! He will be ROCKING kindergarten! Love the illustration, too!

  3. I am fascinated by the toddler mind, Stacey. I watch my 4-year-old granddaughter immersed in her art projects so little-by-little I have introduced simple poems for her to compose. Ari’s handwriting is beyond Sierra’s although she does try to print her name. Your home teaching program is building both Ari’s reading and writing skills. You must be proud of himl

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