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The Mercury Dropped & the Kids Went Into Hiding

Last week, we enjoyed several days in the mid-60s with glorious sunshine. It felt unseasonable for November, but who was I to complain? I walked for five (or six) consecutive days. It was glorious!

Cooler weather moved in over the weekend. With that, hats and hoods made their way onto my children’s heads when they went outside today. When I looked at them, prepped for both the cold weather they were going to walk in and the encounters they were about to have with people outside of our household, I laughed. Between their winter head coverings and their masks for COVID safety, I barely found their faces!

Every now and then they agree to be photographed when I find something funny. I’m thankful each of them humored me today. Isabelle’s mask is a CastleGrade G7. Ari’s mask is a three-ply polar bear mask from Old Navy.

Could you imagine what they’d look like if they donned a pair of sunglasses too?

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6 thoughts on “The Mercury Dropped & the Kids Went Into Hiding

  1. My impression is that we will ALL begin to look like “bank robbers” this winter as we cover all but our EYES!

  2. Yes! My face HAS been swallowed by masks and hats! Some masks are worse than others about trying to creep up and take over one’s face… and your picture is utterly priceless.

  3. We are quite far into the school year and I still find myself surprised to see a child without a mask and realize I don’t really know their faces! Of course some kids nearly always have a bare face. I imagine many of them think the same about me and wouldn’t recognize me with my mask off!

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