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A Triumph!

Posing with Candy

Last night, at the end of the kids’ candy hunt, Ari spread his favorite candies out across the floor and dug into mellowcreme pumpkins. Then he managed to convince us to let him have Snowcaps, a Kit Kat, some candy corn (Controversial, I know!), and a Reese’s Miniature. It was all a bit much. But it was Halloween so we said yes — until we were worried he might vomit.

Before dinnertime this evening, Ari asked, “Will I get to have candy tonight?”

“Yes, but —”

Ari cut me off. “Good!”

“Wait a second. You need to hear what follows. You may have candy after dinner, but you have to eat your dinner.”

Tonight’s dinner was London Broil, green beans, and fingerling potatoes. Ari refused the potatoes (Fine, I can live with that.), but knew he had to eat the beef and green beans if he wanted two small pieces of candy for dessert. We thought it would be a slam dunk for him until he gagged on one of his green beans. He wasn’t choking on the green bean, per se. More like he was probably choking on the GOB of butter he felt the need to throw onto the green beans moments before.

Once the gagging was over, Ari declared, “I’ll just have my candy now.”

“Not so fast,” I replied. “I don’t mind if you don’t want to eat the rest of your green beans now, but that doesn’t mean you can have candy.”

“But I want candy.”

“I realize that, but you need to eat your vegetables. I’ll make you a deal.” I was about to make him an offer that I knew he couldn’t refuse unless the green beans were truly the source of him almost vomiting. “Have six more pieces of green beans and then you can have dessert.”

Ari, who still gets his green beans cut in half, selected six reasonably sized pieces. Without heaping more butter onto his vegetables, he managed to eat the rest of the green beans. After he chewed and swallowed the last piece, he hoisted his hands above his head victoriously, pushed his chair back from the table, and declared, “Candy time!”

Marc and I burst out laughing as he scrambled across the kitchen to find his candy bucket.

Searching for the Perfect Candy

Once he retrieved his bucket, he searched through it and went with a more popular choice: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

“You know Reese’s belong to Mommy, right?” I said.

He unwrapped his first peanut butter cup, looked me square in the eye, and said, “They don’t,” just as he chomped into the candy he earned.

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14 thoughts on “A Triumph!

  1. Ari seems to have negotiating down! I tried to tell my fifth graders that I would happily take their Twix bars off their hands, but sadly only one has found its way to me so far.

  2. Wow, he must like them a lot if he’s willing to eat his green beans! 🙂 Ruth,

  3. Reese’s belong to Mommy here, too… except of course the kids like them, too. So I have to share. I’m impressed that Ari ate his green beans – they’re a real fight at our house.

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