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Reminder: Look Up!

Get out in nature. Go for a walk. Whatever you do, don’t scroll on your phone while you stroll along! Instead, observe the world around you.

Behold the way autumn bestows its first changes to the leaves as they fall to the ground. Keep track of the spookiest Halloween decorations as you wind through the streets. Admire the pumpkin stacks, hay bales, and mums that dot walkways and front porches.

But most of all, remember to glance upwards for you never know what you might see.

Here’s a hot air balloon I saw during my afternoon walk. It was right overhead at one point… so close that I could see and hear the balloon’s burner.
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11 thoughts on “Reminder: Look Up!

  1. I like how your slice was a list of commands. And then a surprise at the end. So glad you added the photo! As I am reading this, the sun isn’t up yet but I’m now longing to take a walk. THanks for the nudge! After school I’ll definitely hit my neighborhood streets and look up, down and all around.

    On a different note, sorry about my post. I’ll be sure to not add a space after the punctuation next time,,,I think that is the trick?!

  2. Look up and look down. The last two days at my lunch time walk around our campus I have seen a squirrel (until now I had never seen one in Cambodia) and today I say such a fancy caterpillar. Nature is amazing! Thanks for the reminder to look!

  3. I took a walk today instead of working through lunch again. A honey crisp, the warm sun, and a meander around our campus. It was soul filling. We had a balloon launch near our former home and often saw balloons drift overhead. Never tired of that.

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