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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

I kept the ice cream maker’s insert in the freezer despite having good weather last week for Ari’s birthday. I purchased the ingredients so I thought it would be wise to still make ice cream!

My father and Ari got to work making a vanilla bean ice cream base over the weekend. Ari lost interest after helping my dad measure all of the ingredients. By the time I exited my home office, I found my dad alone at the stove stirring the ice cream base. He had a handheld digital thermometer nearby to monitor the ice cream’s temperature.

As he stirred, I peeked my head over the pan. A heavenly vanilla scent wafted towards my nose. Perfection!

“Do you think it’s ready?” he asked.

“I have no idea. What’s the temperature?”

He dipped the thermometer into the ice cream base and read out “190°F.”

“What’s it supposed to be?” I inquired.

“The recipe doesn’t say. But I don’t want it to curdle,” he replied.

“Maybe lower the temperature,” I offered.

“I just did,” he replied.

Moments later, my father removed the ice cream base from the stove, transferred it into a bowl, and let it cool to room temperature before refrigerating it. The two of us spent the next few hours wondering if the base would be okay or if it was curdled and ruined.

This morning, my Dad removed the base from the fridge and tried to put it through a sieve. It was too thick! We consulted for a few minutes and decided he should go ahead with churning the base. What were the chances that it would taste like scrambled eggs? (High. The chances were sky high since we thought the base got too hot and it looked, well, curdled!)

Keeping a watchful eye on the ice cream maker.

Ari joined my father at the ice cream maker. Together, they watched the ice cream churn for nearly 25 minutes. As time went on, the base turned into something that resembled ice cream… not scrambled eggs! Once they saw it looking good, they added mini chocolate chips.

Once the churn was complete, my dad scooped the ice cream into bowls. I tasted it discovered the ice cream had the perfect mouthfeel. The churn was perfect. There were plenty of chips. Everything about it was balanced! And to think that we thought it was going to be a bust…!

Get this boy a chair! He ate his ice cream standing up in his helper tower!

Ari and I will try making ice cream again soon. What flavor should we make next?

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11 thoughts on “Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

    1. I have so many picture books in me… just need to get past this year so I have some time to devote to working on that kind of writing again. It’s been five years since I tinkered with fiction writing.

  1. Precious moments together and ice cream at the end 🙂 wonderful. We too make ice cream at home. I have kept mango pulp in the fridge to make ice cream when our grandchildren come in December. Hopefully they will be able to come. We are keeping our fingers crossed 🙂

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