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Breakfast for Dinner – Again!

I’m in the midst of two professional book reviews. I’m prepping for an upcoming webinar. I’m in the midst of laying out the Author Spotlight Series on TWT. That’s a lot of I’ms…

I have a manuscript I need to read and a blurb I need to write about a forthcoming professional text. I have a short story to revise for my high school’s literary magazine (which I was invited to be an alumni contributor for). I have a blog series post to write. That’s a lot of I haves…

Ari double-checks to make sure I’ve left out a pound of bread.

My neck is achy. It’s been bothering me for nine days. (Well, 22 years, but who’s counting?) There is just no way that I’m having an argument with anyone over dinner tonight. So, tonight is BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!

Most weeks, we eat breakfast for dinner — usually on Thursday nights. But this week, I have more plates spinning than usual so breakfast-for-dinner night is TONIGHT. Who cares if it’s only Tuesday!?!? (Trust me, my children will not care.)

Right before Passover, I found a recipe a gluten-free French toast casserole on All the Healthy Things. I tucked the recipe aside for use after the holiday. Today felt like the day to whip it out. Since it’s a make-ahead recipe, Ari and I made it soon after we finished breakfast.

Perhaps this video will give you a sliver of insight into why Isabelle has nicknamed my mornings with Ari “baking preschool.” (I can’t shoot videos when we’re using measuring cups or the kitchen scale since that would probably lead to a disaster.)
We made some changes to the recipe so I’m hoping it tastes good because I don’t have a plan B for tonight if it doesn’t.

It’s nearly 5 p.m. My work isn’t done. (Does anyone ever really finish with all of their to-dos in a day!?!?) My neck still hurts. But, my oven is preheating and I’m about to put the casserole in the oven. All I have to do is slice some fruit, set the table (Hey, kids! I have a job for you!), get the drinks, and sit down to eat at six.

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26 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner – Again!

  1. Breakfast for dinner isn’t a thing I do often now, but as a mom of young children, it was in heavy rotation! It’s a sure hit, it’s filling, and easy with a capital E. Hope it helps that crick in your neck.

  2. Your post made me chuckle. My daughter also has breakfast for dinner on Thursday nights, but her plans for the day got turned on their head and they had breakfast tonight. 🥞🍳

  3. I love how planned this was! BFD is always a last minute decision for me. I realize I’m too tired to stick to the original plan but don’t want take-out so I scramble some eggs and toast some bread and it’s done.

    Good luck with your to do list!

  4. I haven’t had breakfast for dinner in ages! When I was a kid, my dad didn’t like it, so we only had it when he went on a business trip (which wasn’t often), so it’s like a special treat to me! The format perfectly captured your busy feeling. Hope you find a little time to relax!

  5. We love breakfast for dinner too. I hope the French toast was a success…and I don’t think you’re alone in not checking all the boxes on the to-do list. You’re doing great though!

  6. We love breakfast for dinner – and yours was pre-planned! That counts for something. I love, too, that you bake with Ari. Bet you’ll reap the rewards one day – today I came home & found my two baking cookies!

  7. Reading this as I’m struggling to figure out what to make for dinner… It just might be an egg scramble! Even when you’re spinning lots of plates, you still have dinner planned out at breakfast. I’m impressed.

  8. I like the way you ended your first two paragraphs: “That’s a lot of I’ms…” and “That’s a lot of I haves…” I know some people aren’t fans, but breakfast for dinner is one of my faves. Beats take-out any day.

  9. I need to do breakfast for dinner more frequently! Maybe every night until summer break?! Ha! I hope your neck gets to feeling better. I’ve been doing bedtime yoga for mine. Maybe breakfast for dinner followed up by bedtime yoga?

  10. I love French Toast Casserole! I found a recipe a few years ago and have only made it a few times, but it’s always a hit! Makes a great breakfast for dinner! 🙂

    1. I noticed the leftovers in the fridge this morning. They were still good so that was an unexpected and decadent Friday morning breakfast treat. So, this is just to say, try it again and you’ll have breakfast for days!

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