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Golden Glory Yields a Different Kind of Blossom #SOL21

We planted two Cornelian Cherry Dogwood (aka: Golden Glory) Trees in our backyard last fall. Today, on the third full day of spring, I noticed yellow buds beginning to peek out from them, which is exciting! Therefore, I thought one of them would be the perfect tree to host a different kind of blossom, if you will, this spring.

That’s right. I tried to make Ari’s wish come true by creating a granola bar tree.

Once he woke up from his afternoon nap and had a snack, I led him outside to see what was blooming in our backyard.

Good thing I used kitchen twine to hang the bars — rather than doing something Pinterest-worthy — since he was less than impressed with what he saw! Though, perhaps if I had gone all-out he would’ve been wowed. (We’ll never know!)

Alas, he did request to unwrap and eat one of them in the backyard before playing. So, I suppose his wish came true!

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14 thoughts on “Golden Glory Yields a Different Kind of Blossom #SOL21

  1. What fun! Like the cliche about journey’s and destinations, half the memories in parenting/growing up are when you just did “the thing” anyway. The video/photo are a great addition as well!

  2. I am so glad there is part two. Can you imagine him educating others, “Yes, granola bar trees are real.”? It was sweet that you took the time to prepare. You may not have received the overly emotional response and this is ok. It still is a memorable half-birthday. Who knows for what kind of tree he will ask for his full birthday. You’ll be ready.

  3. Wow! You celebrate half birthdays! That’s really great, Stacey. I love the idea of the granola bar tree. What will you surprise him with on his actual birthday? Such wonderful memories you are creating with words, photos, and videos!

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