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There’s Nothing to Pick #SOL21

Ari and I were sitting outside talking about his upcoming half birthday.

“Can we have cupcakes after lunch and after dinner?” he asked.

“We’re just going to celebrate with cupcakes after dinner on your half birthday.”

“Can we go apple picking like we did on my birthday?” Ari asked.

“Apples aren’t in season,” I replied.

“But I liked picking apples on my birthday. What can we pick?” he wondered.

“There’s nothing to pick,” I responded. “Nothing is really growing yet.”

There were stuffies involved in the conversation too!

Ari looked at me with big eyes. “Nothing?!!?”

“Not yet. Soon, but not in time for your half birthday.”

“What about bars? Can we pick bars?”

I burst out laughing. “Granola bars don’t grow on trees, silly.”

He smiled, knowingly. “Can we eat bars then?”

I suppose granola bars would be better than cupcakes for the morning part of his half birthday…

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16 thoughts on “There’s Nothing to Pick #SOL21

  1. I think you should do the granola bar tree! I can even imagine an old branch, stuck in some play dough in your kitchen with granola bars for all attached…and maybe an apple or two as well. Post it on Pinterest and you can be famous!

  2. First I’d like to answer your question from TWT link: I have never heard of a granola bar tree. I can imagine one though. I never thought that candy trees existed either and then my daughter received one for her birthday. It “grew” in a flower pot.
    It was fun to read the dialogue. Ari knows what has brought hi joy before and I am sure he will get to do something joyful on his half-birthday too.

  3. When did half birthdays become a thing? I am seeing more and more celebrations of them. Have fun hanging granola bars from trees. I like Ari’s thought process!

  4. I love this story, and I love the fact that you celebrate half-birthdays! Such fun! 🙂 ~JudyK

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