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Not-So-Lucky Ducks #SOL21

Ari and I brought two bags of bread to the park: week-old wheat bread and week-old, gluten-free, four-seed bread. (That’s a lot of hyphens, isn’t it!?!?)

Since it was chilly out, we were the only people feeding the ducks so one would think they’d be desperate for food. (You’d think that if you didn’t read “Discerning Ducks,” my post from last year and the same park.) However, we started tossing the gluten-free bread into the water and — after a nibble and a look — the ducks let the gluten-free bread float by. A few of them (who I jokingly claim have Celiac disease) took some nibbles, but even the nibblers refused full slices of gluten-free bread when I tossed it towards them.

“Can I toss the wheat bread now?” Ari asked.

“Sure, buddy,” I replied, handing him a slice.

Wouldn’t you know it, the ducks began flocking to the space where Ari tossed the wheat bread. One duck dove over another one, flapping its wings wildly, when the wheat bread hit the water.

“They like the wheat bread!” Ari declared.

Just then, a woman walked by with a scruffly dog who began sniffing us in search of our bread. She pulled him back. I told the woman what was happening with the discerning ducks.

“I can’t believe they won’t eat your bread!” she said.

“I know! And it’s good bread from the local gluten-free bakery!” I replied.

“That’s unbelievable!” she said, truly shocked.

It is shocking that on a 29-degree day, that felt like it was in the teens, hungry ducks would be that finicky.


11 thoughts on “Not-So-Lucky Ducks #SOL21

    1. You haven’t had good GF bread then! I don’t eat the frozen stuff… I buy it fresh from a local GF bakery. Even Marc likes it! (Though he eats wheat bread for his own sandwiches.)

  1. Oh my! You WOULD think they’d eat whatever floated their way on that chilly day. Sounds like an interesting experiment to conduct. Any other parks nearby?

  2. I am amazed they were that picky on such a cold day! Obviously, these are not health-conscience ducks! Ari looks like he is dressed warmly. Yesterday was sooooo cold when we walked the dogs!

  3. I love the narrative voice inserting the comment about the hyphens and there seems to be a hyphen theme in many of the slices that I’ve been reading lately! Punctuation is so important and your dialogue here brings me right into the story and the indignation of the “discerning ducks”!

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