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Brunch on a Friday Should Be a Thing #SOL21

You’ve heard of Sunday Brunch, right? Well, thanks to Ari, I’ve come to realize that brunch doesn’t have to be relegated to a Sunday. Since I work in the afternoons, there were many days (in our pre-pandemic life) that Ari would insist on going out for brunch in the middle of the week. Why not?

This morning, Isabelle and I went out to brunch… just the two of us. She had a day off from school and I wanted to make sure she did something independent of her brother. Therefore, I asked the kids’ sitter if she could come earlier than usual so Isabelle and I could go out for brunch. (We fibbed and told Ari that Isabelle had a medical appointment since we knew he would’ve been upset if he didn’t get included.)

I haven’t dined indoors, at a restaurant, since March 10th, 2020. Therefore, I was delighted to learn Commonwealth Kitchen & Cafe was only open for outdoor dining. It was 64 degrees and sunny when Isabelle and I arrived at Commonwealth. We grabbed a table, placed a contactless order, and enjoyed each other’s company.

“When was the last time we ate outside? Was it October or November” I asked Isabelle.

“I think it was early November,” she replied.

“I can’t even remember where we ate since it feels like it was an eternity ago,” I said.

She nodded, knowingly.

We had a leisurely brunch — on a Friday! We chatted about the summertime and about some of the outdoor things we hope to do as a family. Nothing earth shattering was discussed, but it was so lovely to be out with my daughter.

22 thoughts on “Brunch on a Friday Should Be a Thing #SOL21

  1. Oh! This sounds divine. I can’t wait to be able to dine outdoors. I think the last time we did this was… maybe late summer? This post – and the pictures – gives me little shivers of delighted hope.

  2. Here’s another yes to a suggestion from your family: brunch on Wednesdays, goes beautifully together with breakfast for dinner. I am so happy that the two of you had a chance to go out to eat together.

  3. There are VERY few things that should be relegated to one day of the week only, and brunch is DEFINITELY not one of them. Love that you do special things with individual kids.

  4. That’s sounds like fun! One of the things I liked about being at home with my children was the flexibility to do things like this. The other day Spencer had a lunch box disaster so I snuck out and bought him chicken strips & fries. It will probably be his only memory of grade 3! LOL

  5. Such a great idea to have brunch with Isabelle on Friday. Love the mother-daughter occasion! Your choices look delicious. We settled for a walk at Longwood Gardens. It was a beautiful March day!

  6. What a lovely outdoor brunch experience to share with your daughter. Those impromptu, stolen moments are the best. Enjoy the warmth and your beautiful daughter. Love that picture.

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