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An Ice-Cream-Pastry Truck #SOL21

Patchy (who is Ari’s beloved stuffed dog) started driving a Tonka dump truck around the house a few months ago. Patchy kept crashing the truck into walls. Patchy received multiple warnings. Eventually, Patchy’s truck was impounded — multiple times — in our basement. Eventually, Patchy learned how to operate his dump truck responsibly. In an effort to slow himself down, Ari helped Patchy, hook-in a digger, and the dump truck magically became an ice cream truck.

This morning, I found Patchy riding on top of the dump truck with the digger attached. I noticed an assortment of play food atop the trucks.

“What else is Patchy selling today?” I asked Ari.

“He’s selling buttermilk cake, see?” Ari asked as he pointed at the toy cake balanced on top of the digger.

“Yes, I see the cake. Is it a pastry truck now?”

“It’s an ice-cream-pastry truck!” Ari declared as he helped Patchy make his way across the house.

“Of course! I should’ve known it was an ice-cream-pastry truck!”

Ari, Patchy, and Patchy’s Ice-Cream-Pastry Truck

18 thoughts on “An Ice-Cream-Pastry Truck #SOL21

  1. What a brilliant idea: an ice-cream-pastry truck! If Ari and Patchy come to my neighbourhood, I’ll buy something for sure, as long as the truck isn’t impounded.

  2. I’d like someone to come to the end of my driveway and serve me a piece of blueberry pie warm, with vanilla ice cream on top! Brilliant idea Ari! So glad you are capturing these slices for him! And us too!

  3. Yes! I hope his truck will stop at my house!

  4. I am glad to see that Patchy is still a part of Ari’s life! I think an ice-cream pastry truck could be something people would love. Maybe Ari is on to something big!

  5. So, it seems there’s a consensus that an ice-cream-pastry truck would be a good thing. Maybe it needs to become a thing. (I’m thinking Tyler Florence and the great food truck race!)

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