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The Tiny House in Buchanan Park #SOL21

A view of the Liberty Bond House from Race Avenue.

I’ve driven down Race Avenue many times since the pandemic began since it’s on my way home from the gluten-free bakery where I buy my bread each week. Every time I drive by Buchanan Park, I notice a red and white building that looks tiny in size, yet appears grand in stature. A few weeks ago, I went online to Buchanan Park’s website to see if I could determine what the structure was all about, but I came up empty-handed.

This morning, I decided it was time to figure out what it was. It was windy, but sunny. I knew the grass had dried up enough since last weekend’s storms so I asked Ari, “Would you like to get out and see what that red building is?”

It’s red. His favorite color is red. His answer was, of course, “Yes!”

I parked on the side of Race Avenue, grabbed my purse, took Ari by the hand, and locked the car.

“I’m noticing there aren’t any paved paths up to this building,” I stated.

“Why don’t they have any paths?” Ari inquired.

“I don’t know,” I said scanning all around. Really, no paths. “We’ll have to walk on the grass.”

Ari held my hand as we walked across the slightly squishy ground. “I see a sign in front of the house,” I told him. “That’ll tell us more.”

We approached the sign, which I read aloud to Ari.

I had no idea Lancaster was the capital of the U.S.A. for one day! I looked into it further this afternoon and it appears that September 27th is Capital Day here in Lancaster. (I’ve only lived here for a year and a half so this was news to me!)


Despite the wind whipping around us, Ari and I went around the back of the Liberty Bond House to explore. He wanted to go inside, but it’s closed so we headed home with our new-found knowledge about our new little city.

Ari checked out the back door.
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16 thoughts on “The Tiny House in Buchanan Park #SOL21

  1. How interesting! And what a beautiful little building. I loved how you made me feel like I was on this journey with you and Ari! So fun to explore something new.

  2. Fun adventure! I keep thinking I should learn the history of our city, but for some reason I never do. Shockingly learning about our local history isn’t anywhere in our school curriculum!

  3. Stacey, I love that this feels and sounds just like a tiny slice of your life. I’m very much present with you the whole the time, experiencing 15 minutes alongside you. The photos are an added bonus.
    TY for sharing!

  4. What a great way to follow your curiosity on a pretty spring day! I’m glad you followed your wondering and found a little nugget of history!

  5. I love the phrase, “building that looks tiny in size, yet appears grand in stature.” It hooked me and prompted me to keep reading to find out more.

  6. Nothing like seizing the moment for a little exploration. I bet Ari will remember that red building and the day he and Mom checked it out.

  7. That’s a fascinating story! I did not know that the U.S. ever had a one day capitol either. You’ve reminded me that my family should stop hibernating inside as spring approaches and should instead get out and have some adventures again!

  8. I adore history. Your slice brought me back to the day I was standing in President Lincoln’s tomb and the sheer awe I felt. The days of the past truly open the doors of the future.

  9. The historical part is fascinating, but the sense of adventure is what is so compelling to me in your slice. You were just on the way home from buying your weekly gluten free bakery bread and decided to listen to your inner adventurer and go exploring. We all need more slices like this one!

  10. This is so interesting. Including Ari was great from a life standpoint, of course, but it really helped me be in the moment as a reader. Your dialogue moved the story forward in a really engaging way.

  11. What a cool find! Who knew? This little discovery by you and Ari is an example to me of a silver lining of this pandemic…noticing more things, slowing down, investigating. Love this!

  12. My favorite part of your story is how Ari joined you mostly because his favorite color is red! You’re teaching Ari to be curious about the world around him and it’s just beautiful!

  13. What a cute little discovery, and how nice your young son came along! He’ll probably always remember it now because it is so Red! Maybe one day you’ll have to return so you both can see what’s inside.

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