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Adom is the color of Love Monster. #SOL21

Twice a week, Ari and I participate in a 20-minute Jewish music class through The Leffell School in New York. To say it’s one of the highlights of our pandemic life is an understatement. The classes are some of the best moments in the week. It treat it as a sacred time by turning off the notifications on my phone so we cannot be disturbed.

One of the songs Amichai the Music Guy (who is the school’s Minister of Music) sings with the kids every Tuesday is “The Rainbow Song,” which teaches the kids the Hebrew names for the colors. Ari, and all of the kids who take the class, adore sharing items around their house for every color of the rainbow. This morning, Ari brought a special guest to the Zoom music class just for “The Rainbow Song.” It was none other than Love Monster (the main character of Rachel Bright’s Love Monster series)!

As always, Ari was excited to show off one of his color items during the class. However, there are about 100 kids participating in the class so it was possible his video wouldn’t get spotlighted when it came time for red (aka: adom).

But, sure enough, Ari was the first kid who was spotlighted right after the following words were sung:

My favorite color is Adom,
Adom is my favorite color,
Adom is the color of a strawberry…

Ari was holding Love Monster with outstretched arms, nice and close to the screen. Amichai didn’t miss a beat. He went right into “Adom is the color of Love Monster” before moving onto the next kiddo’s red item.

Can you guess Ari’s favorite color? I’ll give you a hint: it’s also the color of his shirt.

Ari was delighted Love Monster got to make a special appearance.

I wonder who will come for next Tuesday’s music class.

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20 thoughts on “Adom is the color of Love Monster. #SOL21

  1. These little moments, snippets of the day will be the things that sustain you when Ari is an adult and his smile doesn’t grace your every day. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I wrote about music today too! It has been a bright spot in our pandemic weirdness as well, and this slice had me smiling the whole time! This program sounds wonderful, and how special that Ari got to be spotlighted for his favorite color! I just love how moments like this (especially with favorite characters) can captivate kids. Enjoying that wonder is one of my favorite things about being a mom!

  3. What a delight this music class is for you and Ari. And so exciting that he and Love Monster were spotlighted! The Love Monster series is new to me. I’ll have to check it out.

  4. Isn’t it awesome to be recognized? Everyone, big or small, needs to feel that human connection, that what they are contributing is worthwhile. I am so glad that he was able to share his color.. and I am going to have to look up The Love Monster!

  5. I can imagine his excitement at being chosen when he had such a great red thing to share! I almost wish my guys were still little enough to sit with me & do a class like this. (But my 10yo still sleeps in a bed full of stuffies, so we’re not entirely grown up yet.)

  6. I love imagining the connection despite distance, the music and the Zoom smiles, the appreciation for being highlighted and the allowance for comforting friends in all spaces. I can feel the love in this slice; I can feel the warmth in these moments. TY so much for sharing. I am so loving hearing about your children, Stacey!

  7. How I love this convergence of art, language, and color! Love Monster made me smile, and so did Ari’s joy. Also – thank you so much for sharing my post today. It’s an honor to be part of this vibrant community!

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