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Abe on Ice

Last spring, sometime when we were ordered to stay at home, Isabelle discovered the Presidents Song. She showed it to Ari. Together, they became obsessed with the quirky facts shared in the video.

I found the video to be a unique combination of annoying, weird, and oddly addictive. While annoying and weird would be the first words I’d use to describe the video, I appreciate the way it launched my kids into a mild obsession with the U.S. Presidents.

Last Friday, when Isabelle had a day off from school, we drove to Downtown Lititz for the Lititz Ice Walk, a reimagined version of the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival for pandemic times. The kids and I arrived early (since I didn’t fully trust that people would be properly masked and practicing social distancing) to view the ice sculptures. While we saw at least ten, I discovered that more were being put out during our time in town. By the time we drove away, my kids yelled, “I see Abraham Lincoln!”

“C’mon,” I said. “No way is Abraham Lincoln an ice sculpture.”

Well, as I discovered by viewing my friend’s Facebook photos from the Ice Walk over the weekend, Abraham Lincoln was indeed an ice sculpture. I admitted to the kids that I was wrong and showed them my friend’s photo. There were a fair share of I-told-you-so utterances. That’s okay. They were correct.

This morning, I asked Ari (who has a deep fascination with Lincoln) if he wanted to return to the Ice Walk to see Abraham Lincoln. His eyes lit up and he said, “YES!” immediately.

You know how we aren’t supposed to touch works of art? You know how we aren’t supposed to touch anything these days thanks to COVID-19? Well, try telling that to a curious four-year-old who is enthusiastic about Abraham Lincoln. Thankfully, Ari was gentle.
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10 thoughts on “Abe on Ice

  1. I couldn’t love this more! That photo of Ari is the best! It’s amazing how kids often spy things that we adults do not. It is one of the reasons, I think, I treasure being around children – my own (although they are much older than Ari and Isabelle) and those that I spend my days with at school!

  2. I always find it intriguing to read about how kids obsessions begin. A crazy video and a mom who listened and cared in this case. Here’s to honoring your kids passions.

  3. Thanks to a TV show my children refer to most of the US presidents as “The Money Grandmas”. We were driving past the Mint in Philly two years ago and they both started yelling, “The money grandmas!” Kids are fun.

  4. An Abraham Lincoln ice sculpture and a new (if weird & slightly annoying) song to share with my kids. What more could you want from a slice? What more could you want from an ice festival. (Also, Ari looks TALL!)

  5. There’s so much I love about this post. First of all? YES. There is only so much holding back of a four year-old that a body can do. I also love that your community was still willing and able to preserve this tradition – it looks like a wonderful way to spend the day. (Although, as someone who lives in a place where ice festivals are also possible? It also means you LIVE in a place where ice festivals ARE possible. Bundle up!)

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