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Clary Sage #SOL20

After over a year of living in our house, many of our white walls were transformed with color last month.

Our powder room became Roycroft Adobe. Our children’s bathroom became Delft again. (Same color as it was in Harrisburg.) Our master bathroom received a hint of color with Colonnade Gray. Isabelle’s bedroom became Lite Lavender, which was slightly lighter than it was in Harrisburg. Ari’s Bedroom was transformed into Honest Blue. Our dining room became Smoky Blue. (This, too, was the color in Harrisburg.) Our foyer and upstairs hallway became Napery (like it was in Harrisburg).

The painter did an excellent job in November. Since he was was willing to wear a mask — yet again — we asked him to return this week to paint three more rooms. This week there are new colors that are transforming three of my most lived-in spaces. Our great room and kitchen will be painted Jogging Path and our master bedroom will become Serenely later this week. But today started off with my office, which was painted Clary Sage.

I had a home office in our Harrisburg house. Despite writing 3.5 books in my home office (the other half of Jump Into Writing was completed in Lancaster), it had always been white. While the walls were adorned with photographs in Harrisburg, it’s been one of only two rooms that hasn’t really gotten finished in this house. I wanted every other space to be decorated first, which meant I put my office space last. After all, I spent much of the first year we were in this house unable to sit at my desk because of my broken ankle and then my surgical recovery.

But now, it was time to do something for me. So, after 11 years of plain white walls, my favorite color is adorning the walls of my home office. Look!

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be inspired to write another book now that my home office’s walls have some color on them!

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25 thoughts on “Clary Sage #SOL20

  1. Paint colors are funny! Clary sage is a nice essential oil and looks great on your walls. May the room be an inspiration! The organizing and continued decorating can take place over time.

  2. Oh, I love this post! I looked up every color. We just painted my office, and though no Sherwin Williams, my scheme is cream and “Hot Chorizo” a spicier version of your “Roycroft Adobe.” Believe me when I say, I started with a sagey green, but it just didn’t work with the floor. When floors go in first, they pretty much have the final say. In this case, they said, “Absolutely not!”

    Create more wonderful and inspiring things in your tranquil, newly-painted space. You’ve got a whole new year ahead!

    1. We thought about going with something redder in that bathroom, but ultimately went with what we chose since we thought it was lighter than our former powder room. (Spoiler alert: It feels just as dark since our powder room doesn’t have any windows!)

  3. I love looking at the names of paint colors. It must be the wordsmith in me. Clary Sage is a beautiful color, so calming. Your office is beautiful.

  4. First of all: I am desperate to paint and re-carpet! It must be done! Color names fascinate me. The only thing more creative than paint colors, I think, might be nail polish colors. Some of my favorite names: I Have a Herring Problem (sparkly dark gray), Life is a Cupcake (palest blush), Harp on It (holographic chrome). Even Wicked (yikes!) which is dark, dark red… but back to paint. Yours looks beautiful. The rooms are so inviting. And I so know about a “one day” to-do list! Never-ending! Most of all: I hope you WILL be inspired to write another book. Thank you for the gift of your words, Stacey – and this inviting space for all of us come and share.

      1. A priceless article, Stacey, on so many counts: resiliency, creativity, limits being only what we place on ourselves, keen intuition (seeing a hole in the market to be filled), and finding fulfillment by helping others. And all centered around nail polish-! “I’m Not Really a Waitress” – what’s in a name? The essence of a person’s life and the power of belief, on little bottles going all over the world. I’d almost expect that polish to have transformative powers when someone uses it. Thank you for taking the time to send this gem!

  5. The people who name colours are poets in their hearts. I am happy for you that you have your office painted in your favourite colour. May you have hours and hours of productive and joyful writing time in there.

  6. A riot of colours! I just love the names that they come up with, would like to look up the history behind those names. The rooms look wonderful and hope they bring much inspiration to you to write more and more.

  7. I love the colours! I am trying to pick a new colour for my living room so I’m sort of obsessed with paint colours right now. It’s got to match the floor and will help me decide on a new rug and couch. I never know if I should choose the furniture first or after. UGH My mom only ever had white walls in the house. Bedrooms had colour, but everything else was white. I can’t live that way. 😉

    1. We had to buy two sample sizes for our great room and kitchen since there were multiple surfaces we needed to consider. I’m so glad we did since Marc wanted a different color than I did. And, in this instance, I thought I was right since the painter agreed with me. So, maybe go with the tiny sample cans to help you decide.

  8. I actually love the color names they come up with for paint! I’ve never been known to select a color when I don’t like what it’s been named – even if I like the color itself. It’s as if the color name “colors” the perception of the color. I also tend to remember the names of pain for years….maybe this is true for you too, since you admitted to painting some of your walls in your current house the same as your last house. My favorite of years past – our kitchen which was Grecian Sea (a deep teal green before teal was a popular color). Enjoy your newly painted office space! I hope you find it both stimulating and relaxing!

  9. I’ve always been drawn to color names, and even used them to inspire my poetry project for NPM last year. I find it interesting that you chose to reuse some shades that were near and dear to you in the old house. A little old and a wee bit of new. Your office is looking wonderful and inspiring!

  10. Bringing colors from your former home brings familiarity. I always have such a difficult time making a decision about color. We painted our bedroom during quarantine. I thought it was going to be a pale grey, but now it seems to be blue. I hope your sage green makes you smile.

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