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Same Tag

Nearly two years ago, I wrote about the incredible stuffed animals Lynne Dorfman has bestowed upon my children. One of Ari’s beloved stuffed animals, Patchy, goes everywhere with him. You won’t be surprised to know that Patchy was a 3rd birthday gift from Lynne and Ralph (her husband).

Today, a just-because-we-love-you package arrived from Lynne and Ralph. I held the package until after dinnertime. Once the kids finished, I announced they had a package from Lynne and Ralph. They began jumping up and down with anticipation. Once I opened the box, I handed each child a gorgeous gift bag. Both kids were immediately smitten with their animals, but Ari’s response to his alligator (who he thought was a crocodile) was priceless. He declared:

“Look! My croc is is the same as Patchy!”

I was perplexed. Patchy — with his white fur and gray ears and eye patch — couldn’t look more different than the gator.

“They’re not the same,” I said.

“Yes, they’re brothers. They have the same tag!”

I looked at the fabric label on both animals backsides. Sure enough, both animals were made by the same stuffed animal maker!

Who knew Ari paid attention to logos?!!?

Isabelle and Ari helped Patchy and Alaska — the name Ari gave his newest pal — get (re)acquainted.
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16 thoughts on “Same Tag

  1. So cute. Kids are amazing. For a while, when my daughter Wren was much younger, she noticed all the cars that had the same tires as ours. You never know what they’re paying attention to!

  2. My son, now almost 21, still keeps his most cherished stuffed animals on his bookshelf. The memories of the events and the giver of the stuffies remain vivid.

  3. A true slice. What a beautiful thing, a just because gift. What a gift of observation, comparison, alikeness. I agree with Jess, you never know what children will notice.

  4. I’m amazed by young children and details they notice – and the meaning they make of them, the constructivist connections that form in their minds. That Ari declares these very different “creatures” brothers absolutely warms my heart.

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