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Mommy, will you snuggle me?

It started in late May with a simple question.

“Mommy, will you snuggle me?”

I knew I should say no, but Ari was so sweet when he asked. Plus, the missing preposition — with — was endearing. So, I said yes. And thus began a terrible habit: laying down beside my son for weekend nap times.

After a month of him taking an eternity to fall asleep, I told him I couldn’t stay for nap time. I told him I’d head out once he fell asleep. I promised to leave if he didn’t fall asleep after a half-hour. However, I often found myself dozing off and staying in his room longer than expected.

By late July, I realized my weekend afternoons were no longer my own since I was being compelled to lay beside him for over two hours on both Saturdays and Sundays. It was over. I told Ari as much.

Sometimes I wake up in advance of Ari on a Saturday. When I do, I cannot help by watch him sleep while feeling immensely grateful that he is my son.

Sometime in August, Ari overheard me saying, “I could really go for a Shabbos nap like I used to take on Saturdays when I was in college.”

A beat passed. Ari realized it was a Saturday and said, “You’ll could take a nap with me today since it’s a Saturday.” (Cue his sweet grin.)

I considered. I was tired. It was Shabbat. What harm could one little nap do?

It’s been over two months now that I’ve been snoozing next to Ari on Saturday afternoons. Sunday afternoons are mine, but Saturdays are for snoozing and snuggling with Ari and all of the stuffed animals who join us. Every time I think, this is it… this is the last Saturday snooze, I realize something. Ari will only be a little bit little for just a little longer. Seeing as Ari naps by himself the other six days a week and sleeps by himself at night, I think these Saturday naps are a-okay right now.

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15 thoughts on “Mommy, will you snuggle me?

  1. Oh, the parenting compromises! Do we hold firm or give in? Do we say no even when we want to say yes? I am so glad that you have found a way to enjoy both the Saturday snuggles and the Sunday independent sleep. As my mother says, nobody goes to college still sleeping with their parents. Maybe I can convince my tired ten-year-old to nap with me this weekend…

  2. Indeed, indeed – those last lines – they were beating in my heart the whole time I read! Our children are little for so short a time … oh yes, later you will look back on these moments as some of the sweetest life ever offered. No regrets!

  3. That adorable face sleeping! I am a sucker for the snuggling too. I think a Saturday cuddle is completely restorative and we might rebrand it as self-care! Then there would be absolutely no guilt over it at all. They grow so fast- enjoy every snuggle moment, I say.

  4. This is lovely! What i wouldn’t give for one more snuggle with my kids when they were little. You never know when it will be the last one. Savor every Saturday snuggle! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Precious time! I remember how my mom used to nap with me after I attended morning kindergarten (six decades ago). She would play a game with me to see who could be quietest the longest. I always lost!

    1. I am not able to post in your page, I really liked your post about soups and breads 🙂 We enjoy soups during the monsoon season, mine are vegetable , tomato or sweet corn soups. They are heavenly when it s raining. This year I learnt to bake bread:)

  6. A snuggle and a nap – a perfect way to spend Saturday afternoon. Good for the health, good for the relationship. A long time has passed since I was able to snuggle with my kids.

  7. What is it about these little boys?? Spencer has a knack for getting me to snuggle too! He keeps taking over my bed at night. I keep thinking he’ll stop wanting to sleep with me, but it hasn’t happened yet. He is in my class this year, so we literally see each other all day long. I thought that would be enough for him! Alas…

    I do wish we could have a weekend nap though. I miss those for sure!

  8. I like clinging to something sweet and comforting in these times. As the song says, the world can spin without you, just for this little while.

  9. Ah, Stacey, that was so sweet. My favorite poignant line:
    “Ari will only be a little bit little for just a little longer.”
    That is the truth! You will never regret these Shabbat naps.

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