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Tuesday Morning Music #sol20

As a general rule, Ari detests Zoom. It takes a lot to engage him for more than five minutes. To be fair, he’s four.

That said, he’s been enjoying the Jewish music classes we’ve been doing through a school in New York. The music teacher engages the kids for 20 minutes — sometimes longer — with holiday songs (since Jews have a truckload of fall holidays!), Shabbat songs (on Fridays) and songs that are just plain ol’ fun for preschoolers that deal with everything from colors to gratitude.

While today felt like an ordinary Tuesday in the time of COVID-19 when I woke up my perspective changed once I realized we had our morning music class. As usual, Ari invited one of his puppies to join us. Together, we sang Hinei Ma Tov and other songs for Sukkot. Time passed quickly despite Ari being a bit more restless than usual. However, by the last song, Ari was refocused and happy to participate in the final song’s hand motions.

Music Class a Selfie with Patchy (one of Ari’s favorite stuffies)

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Music #sol20

  1. How wonderful that a zoom meeting can hold such joy. The music teacher is clearly creative and caring. Happy musical Tuesday!

  2. Love this slice of your morning goodness. II’ve had mixed success with Zoom story times with the grand boys. Love how Ari brought Patchy to class. Music is always better with a favorite stuffie by your side.

  3. Zoom joy! I love this slice. I have been trying to engage kindergarten writers every day on zoom…. and it’s not always easy! I love that you and Ari have something to enjoy in 2020!

  4. My boys are far older than four, and they both detest Zoom, so I’m plenty impressed with a music teacher who can keep a four-year-old engaged for twenty minutes. I’m glad, too, that Ari gets to bring puppy to sing with him.

  5. Music is such an important part of life, in my opinion. It’s great that the lesson gave your Tuesday morning a boost! I bet that this activity will be something he’ll remember fondly in the future! So glad you can do it together!

  6. I love this! Such a great way to continue to have music in this time of pandemic. Ruth,

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