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Our Summer “Snow Day”

Today began like a snow day probably because I told the kids, last night, that we’d be staying home all day due to the incoming rain storm. We live about 100 miles away from the ocean, but we’re still feeling the effects of Isaias, as well as another storm from the Midwest, today.

Ari and his puppies lingered in bed this morning.

Ari crawled into my bed and woke me up around 7:10 a.m. We snuggled. He didn’t want to get out of bed, but somehow I managed to convince him it was a good idea.

Isabelle had already eaten breakfast with Marc before he left for work. Ari wanted to play before eating breakfast, so I had the table to myself, which was divine.

Isabelle and I started division flash cards while Ari ate his breakfast. Once we finished, the kids played — somewhat peacefully — while I cleaned up from breakfast. I washed the dishes while watching water and wind thrash at our house.

I went upstairs to brush my teeth. I threw in a laundry — just in case we lost power.

I brushed Ari’s teeth.

I made my way downstairs and searched for a recipe everyone wanted to make. We settled on banana chocolate chip muffins. I declared, “Everyone who wants to eat one needs to participate in baking them.” (That announcement was really for Isabelle who likes to eat the baked goods, but doesn’t like to prepare the baked goods.)

Smiling with a Muffin

The kids and I made the muffins. Then we played Uno on the couch while they baked in the oven.

Once the muffins were ready, we sat at the table and had them while they were still warm. They were too chocolatey for Ari (Whaaaat?!?!?), but Isabelle and I devoured two a piece.

We played a few more games of Uno after the muffins. Then, I insisted on some writing time for Isabelle, which meant Ari got to have iPad time. He was elated.

But now, it’s 1:30 p.m. The sun is starting to break through, which means — I hope! — that the worst of this is behind us. While we needed rain, we didn’t need that much rain. However, it was kinda nice to have a “summer snow day.”

I linked the recipe (above) in case you’re interested.
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7 thoughts on “Our Summer “Snow Day”

  1. Rainy days feel much the same for me now! It’s been rainy and cold for a few days so we don’t want to be in the pool and we definitely don’t want to go anywhere. On days like this I love being able to snuggle up with my children!

  2. Thanks for sharing your “snow day” with us! I took a day “off” yesterday from my summer projects and PD, and it was relaxing and rejuvenating as well.

  3. This slice is a perfect reminder that being home can be a treat, not just the norm. The narrative back and forth–between you and the kids and between the different actions–reads like a dance.

  4. I like the idea of “summer snow day.” Including banana chocolate chip muffins adds extra sweetness and playing games brings joy.

  5. Being at home and entertaining ourselves has become easier the longer we remain at home. It’s nice to take some time away from the regular routines to revel in whatever pursuit strikes our fancy. Playing games sounds wonderful.

  6. I love the idea of a “summer snow day”. Usually for us, this happens on rainy days but we’ve had sooo few of those this summer. Thanks for sharing all the details of your day with us. I like what Amy said about remembering that being home can be “a treat”. Maybe I could declare a “summer snow day” on a high heat day…hmmmmm….

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