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Strawberries on a Stick #SOL20

Despite a major computer problem this afternoon, I wanted to capture a father-son moment for tomorrow’s Slice of Life Tuesday. However, I’m exhausted from hours of tech support conversations so I am going with a photo slice.

Yesterday afternoon, Marc and Ari made a receipe together for the second time. Last time they made baked challah French toast. Yesterday, they made chocolate-covered fruit skewers inspired by Let’s Explore Strawberries a favorite book of Ari’s by Jill Colella. When I asked Ari what he and Daddy would make next, he replied, matter-of-factly, “This again.”

Left: Hulling-out strawberries & breaking a semi-sweet chocolate bar into a bowl; Top right: Cutting bananas with a child-safe knife; Bottom right: Chocolate-covered strawberry and banana kabobs

That’s all I have for this week. It’s better to have written a little something than nothing at all, right?

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8 thoughts on “Strawberries on a Stick #SOL20

  1. I love that Ari and Marc are cooking together! Sweet moments, indeed! (PS There’s nothing more frustrating than tech. frustration!! I hope it’s now a thing of the past.)

  2. Well, I love strawberries, but that challah French toast sounds out of this world! Is Ari going to grow up to be a famous chef? So great that Marc and Ari are creating these delicious dishes together! Sweet!

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